Customize your School App according to your school branding:

People who are familiar or unfamiliar with your school will make opinions based on your school branding, which is why school app and branding is so Important. That why Zama school offer school own branding solution. School branding represent professionalism and demonstrates that you are serious about meeting high standards. It will make a real … Read more

Important Factors to consider while choosing LMS for Schools.

An LMS for schools, or Learning Management System for School, is an online learning platform that enables institutes to offer engaging instructional content to students while also making course materials available online. This includes the content of the classroom, assignments, and grade books. The framework is used to help educational institutions streamline the delivery of … Read more

Transport Management System essential features in School Software.

School transport management system has gained importance now a days. Because parents are now more concern about their child safety and security. Also school are facing challenges in implementing safety and security measures. Subsequently the challenges include quality transport management and ensuring better security of students.Furthermore, Parents wants to know when their children left for … Read more

How SMART SCHOOL ERP Helps the School?

What is smart school ERP?Smart school ERP means a software which connect every department in school. In short, it covers every activity of school. For instance, from admission to alumni, everything is cover.By the way, today’s school and college’s requirements are changing. Thus, they need advance smart school ERP for the new trends in education.Now … Read more

Education Management System for School and College.

Education management system simplified educational activities through technology. In summary, the system improves educational activities workflow. Thereby the overflow of data is efficiently managed with zero errors. Also, the automation improves the delivery time. Thus, the education management system increases the accuracy of data for reporting. Similarly, you can manage all educational related activities at … Read more

School Management App in Pakistan

School Management App is now the basic need of schools and colleges. Besides if you are looking for best school management app in Pakistan, here we can provide you a snap shot of it. Here we have detail look into each feature of ZamaApp for students, parents, teachers and administration. UNIQUE FEATURES FOR STUDENTS IN … Read more