School Management App Case Study ‎– ‎ ZamaApp

About ZamaApp – School Management App Case Study ZamaApp is a school management app which lets any schools and colleges to perform all activities digitally. For example, schools and colleges get register on ZamaApp and perform all administrative activities. Such as managing students, teachers, employee and parents. In addition to, this school management app is … Read more

Student online Admission System: School Management System.

To attract and enroll new students you need online admission system. As a rule, the first impression of students and parents is the admission process. Besides, the quality of admission process matters when you wants to attract new students. Compared to manually managing the admission process is complicate for schools and colleges. Conversely, this complication … Read more

How to take attendance of Employee module:

In this blog we explore the Employee module in Zama school. When you click on employee in the side menu. On top of list, you will see Employee Types. Its mean every organization have different types of employees like Vice Principal, Teacher, and etc. you can also edit and delete employee type. If you want … Read more

How School employee management system saving time and cost for the administration?

Employee Management System helps maintain all staff record at one place. Information related to teachers, staff or employee are just a click away. With employee management system an institution can organize employee information like personal, Educational and other information all at one place. Employee now have mobile application ZamaApp. You can login into the app … Read more

How virtual classroom is helping schools in delivering online education.

What is virtual classroom: A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows for real-time interaction between the teacher and the students as they are engaged in educational activities. Benefit of virtual classroom: Bring people from various parts of the world together. There are no travel, hotel, or training costs. Application-based interaction between learners … Read more

How Mobile Apps technology is transforming education sector in Pakistan:

In education, Mobile Apps technology is becoming increasingly relevant. Teachers are integrating and incorporating devices into the sharing of knowledge with students in classrooms all over the world. Mobile technology, in particular, is having a huge effect on how and when students learn. In this case Internet access is available in most of the classrooms … Read more

Benefits of LMS in education management system.

The main benefits of LMS can save time and money for School or organization by allowing them to handle vast volumes of data in a user-friendly, web-based environment. Zama Classroom: Zama Classroom assists educational institutions in managing online classroom activities such as designing and distributing educational content, evaluating students, monitoring their development, and facilitating contact … Read more

Importance of Mobile-First Educational Platform for student’s engagement:

Because of the rapid advancement of science and technological growth, the amount of expertise and skills required of specialists is continuously growing, raising the bar for the standard of their training. Many academics, including pedagogues and IT experts, are interested in computer-aided learning issues. The consistency of a specialist’s expertise determines how competitive they are … Read more