ZamaApp Virtual Classroom and its advantages.

Virtual Classrooms is an online learning concept whose main goal is to empower teachers, knowledge seekers, and students by providing virtual access to teaching. It also allows users to communicate, interact, and collaborate remotely from any location, without having to have face-to-face conversations in the same space. Online courses, audio and video gatherings, web introductions, … Read more

Study planner in School Management App

What is a study planner? A study planner is a well-organized timetable that outlines study schedules and objectives. students, like those with school schedules, should create a weekly routine that includes dedicated study time. Dates for quizzes, tests, and examinations, as well as deadlines for papers and projects, should all be included in this plan. … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About School ERP

What is a School ERP and what value does it add to the school? A school ERP is a piece of software that automates a school’s day-to-day operations. Teachers, students, parents, administrators, principals, and school managers all have access to the software application. These users can utilize the internet to access the school ERP from … Read more

Online admission on app to your school.

Schools and prospective families are frustrated on a daily basis by out-of-date and perplexing application and enrolling processes that influence many areas such as admissions, finance, and academics. ZamaApp provides a seamless and integrated experience for everyone engaged in the admissions and enrolling process by combining a streamlined, online process and easy information management with … Read more

Advantages of School ERP Software:

What is School ERP? Before we know the Advantages of School ERP software. first we need to understand what is a school ERP system is a piece of software that allows schools or groups of schools to manage their day-to-day operations. It is a system for managing the institution’s internal and external resources. It facilitates … Read more