School ERP Software. Must-have Features.

Before the implementation of School ERP Software, you should be understand what sort of system you need. Here is the list of feature you should look far. In first place, School ERP Software have many tools and features for effective management. For instance, you need a single system which connects all the activities of school. … Read more

College Management System

Now resolve your college challenges with Our College Management System. For the most part, colleges operate differently from the schools. Likewise their operations are complex and unique. That’s why they need enterprise level solution. To begin with, there are so many software providers in the market. Thus, how would college administration know which College Management … Read more

Hostel Management System ( How to manage boarding students easily )

Hostel management system is an integral part of boarding schools.‎ For instance students moving out from their hometowns to study in best school and college available. Generally to accommodate these students school and colleges established hostels. Including on campus and also off campus hostels. In particular most schools and colleges does not have proper management … Read more

Best School Administration Software in Pakistan

Are you looking for best school administration software? Let’s look into it. Schools manage daily administrative activities manually. Thus the tiresome task waste time and resources. Similarly like other businesses school operations are conduct the same way. Hence they manage day to day activities and resources. In this case school administration software is an integral … Read more

Important Feature in School Software

Why we are writing about important feature in school software? In the first place, school software is now an integral part of school operations. Because schools have data collection on daily basis. So, to be a successful organization, this data need to be in information form. In particular, most of the time this data is … Read more

Google Classroom vs Zama Classroom comparison

This blog is a detailed comparison between Google Classroom vs Zama Classroom. Especially we compare features, functionality, and design of each platform. Zama Classroom is an award winning Learning Management System for schools and colleges. While, Google Classroom is develop by Google. Here with Google classroom school teachers create, share and grade assignments. Also provide … Read more

Advantages of School Management Software.

In brief let’s have a look at top advantages of school management software. For instance traditional education is witnessing the use of technology. Besides use of smartphones and tablets is now common. Conversely there is huge shift from manual to technology in education system. In the meantime, there are different types of school management software … Read more

Best Educational App in Pakistan.

Looking for best educational app in Pakistan we are here to help you with that. In current education climate, education institutes need to come up with innovative solution. Similarly, which can cater the need of online education, campus mobile app and digital infrastructure. Results from some of the studies conducted show that: 96% of students … Read more