Online Classroom :How to Get Started [Step by Step]

Above all getting started with online classroom for your school, college and university is very simple. Let us help you with this. Meanwhile educators are you looking for digital solutions, which help you in managing education outside the physical aspect of the classroom? Thus Zama Classroom a learning management system for online classes, and digital … Read more

Best Campus Management System Solution in Pakistan.

Best campus management system solution in Pakistan are those, which solves the most fundamental problems in Pakistan education system. Firstly, Parental involvement in a child’s education is often seen as a ‎cornerstone. To begin with, Parents became frustrated by the number of handouts, emails, mobile messages, and ‎homework diaries they had to check to stay … Read more

Best LMS tools for online classes in Pakistan.

LMS tools and features for online classes in Pakistan The best lms tools and feature for online classes in Pakistan is that which meet local market needs. Therefore, bringing continuous innovation in product development and service delivery. Above all, Today, the world of education is changing. The Corona Pandemic brings the new normal “Work from … Read more

School management software in Pakistan

School Management Software is now an integral part of school operations. Because schools across the country generate data. i-e Students and guardians’ data, teachers and faculty data, school and administration data. All this data is most of the time unorganized and cannot be translate into actionable information. School Management Software should not provide the data … Read more

Learning management system in Pakistan

Learning Management System in Pakistan has now become a basic need for schools, colleges, and higher education. Because after the Covid-19 situation, educators understand the importance of learning management system. Thus, the lockdown and school closures create the opportunity for digital classroom solution. Educators can now provide blended learning and flipped classroom solutions. Now, the … Read more

Online Classes In Pakistan for [Schools,Colleges & Universities]

Online Classes in Pakistan are a hot topic nowadays. Especially of Coronavirus Pandemic schools and Colleges are closed down. Now educators are looking for remote learning solutions. So that it resolve their overall needs. Similarly physical classroom activities can be difficult to replace. However educators worldwide is adopting innovative methods of online learning. So students … Read more