Customize your School App according to your school branding:

People who are familiar or unfamiliar with your school will make opinions based on your school branding, which is why school app and branding is so Important. That why Zama school offer school own branding solution. School branding represent professionalism and demonstrates that you are serious about meeting high standards. It will make a real … Read more

Important Factors to consider while choosing LMS for Schools.

An LMS for schools, or Learning Management System for School, is an online learning platform that enables institutes to offer engaging instructional content to students while also making course materials available online. This includes the content of the classroom, assignments, and grade books. The framework is used to help educational institutions streamline the delivery of … Read more

Education Management Software – Success factor for schools & Colleges.

To begin with an education management software can revolutionize the functioning of your institution. Usually schools and colleges are manage manually. Thus they spend manual hours in managing, compiling and storing school data. Subsequently they waste precious time and resources. Furthermore it’s also an expensive affair. Generally every school and college is different. Also their … Read more

Smart School System: Easy steps to transfer your school (PART II)

Continuing with part first of this series, smart school system implementation steps. Here we will explain further how you can equip your teachers with smart technology. After which it will help teachers to provide interactive learning environment. Also, will help your teachers to save their precious time. Moreover, today’s teacher need to be more aware … Read more

Learning management system in Pakistan

Learning Management System in Pakistan has now become a basic need for schools, colleges, and higher education. Because after the Covid-19 situation, educators understand the importance of learning management system. Thus, the lockdown and school closures create the opportunity for digital classroom solution. Educators can now provide blended learning and flipped classroom solutions. Now, the … Read more