Classroom management system 8 Effective Components.

In order to achieve educational excellence, schools need to digitize classroom management system. Besides, good classroom management is vital for student academic success.

Hence we have develop a system which provide transparent approach to;

  1. Classroom Management.
  2. Curriculum & Course Management.
  3. Attendance Management.
  4. Class Calendar & Timetable Management.
  5. Diary Digitalization.
  6. Online Class management.
  7. Practice & Assessment.
  8. Monitoring & Reporting.

Classroom Management:

To begin with, classroom management is first essential step. That’s why we helps you manage class wise academic information for your school. As the feature provides easy access class information, section and students. Thus, its helps you view activities of students in each class.

Curriculum & Course Management:

Now you can add your curriculum publisher details. Here you can add content of subject, chapters and topics. This helps teachers to organize the whole year subject plan. Also students will be able to see their course plan for the year. This help in daily class lecture management.

Attendance Management:

Now with our mobile attendance system, you don’t need swipe machines or bio-metric machine.

Firstly, all students details will be available to teacher for each class. Secondly, all students are automatically marked present.

Thirdly, teacher will just mark absent students with single tap. ‎

Lastly, students and parents can send leave application. Also, teachers can get reports about each student attendance easily.

Class Calendar & Timetable Management:

Likewise this feature helps you create your yearly calendar. In short simply add description to each day and the calendar will update. Likewise students will see yearly events, activities and holidays.

This helps to create your daily class timetable. Now assign each class timetable to each teacher. Also, students and teachers are notify through mobile notification messages.

Diary Digitalization:

In short student need digital homework diary in their mobile phones. So that they can check daily homework assignments. That’s why we introduce Mobile Digital Diary. Now teachers can post homework in few minutes. Also students and parents are notify directly.

Online Class management:

Similarly, the best feature of our classroom management system is online classes. Such as teacher can create lesson in advance environment. Also can upload videos, audios, pictures and notes. Thereby the app convert these into interactive video lesson.

Likewise students can attend the class from the app. Also can interact with teacher and other students.

Practice & Assessment:

Furthermore, students can not only need to engage in class but also outside classroom. Here the app provide learning resources for students so they can practice. Thus they can view the content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Similarly, teachers can view each student progress in each subject, chapter and topic.

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