Customize your School App according to your school branding:

People who are familiar or unfamiliar with your school will make opinions based on your school branding, which is why school app and branding is so Important. That why Zama school offer school own branding solution.

School branding represent professionalism and demonstrates that you are serious about meeting high standards. It will make a real difference in the way in which you attract the best staff and recruit new students.  It will improve your profile in the local community and will also engage with other education providers or businesses.

What Is Branding and Why Does It Matter?

A brand is, what you do; it’s how you show yourself every day; it’s a promise, Now the question is but how does it benefit you and your school?

  • It allows a school to represent with a unified way.
  • It allows people to see what’s different about your school, and what makes you unique from other school.
  • It’s help your school move forward with a clear focus.

The Importance of a Branding:

To begin, consider the distinction between a brand promise and a mission statement. Almost every school will have a mission statement that defines what the school does.

Your brand promise communicates your mission to the rest of the world. It acts as a compass for your marketing plan, holding you accountable for sending a consistent and true message that reflects your user experience. that why EdTech Zama school offer branding solution for Schools.

About Zama App:

ZamaApp is a school management app which lets any schools and colleges to perform all activities digitally. Schools and colleges get register on ZamaApp and perform all administrative activities. The administrative activities includes managing students, teachers, employees and parents.

The aim of the app is to connect Students, Parents, Teachers and the School administration — all in one platform.‎

  • An Innovative mobile application which provides personalized, relevant, and timely ‎communications to improve Parental involvement. ‎
  • It gives students personalized access to what they need instantly, helping to increase student ‎engagement. ‎
  • Empowering teachers and administration with innovative tools, data and insight that helps ‎them to go from reactive to proactive. 

Customize Zama App with your school brand.

Now School owner have fully control to customize their school App according to their school requirement need.

You can also change the text in the app according to your requirement. its mean that you can change the font size the color of the font and style of the font like change font Style form Arial to Calibri.

Create separate App for your school.

Zama school EdTech solution also offer separate App for you School. Its mean that your school have own separate App with your logo with your own branding which will represent your school. your App will be available on your play store.

Student’s Module features:

Instant Notifications

To begin with you don’t need visit school notice board or any other announcement. Now you can receive all important notice on your mobile app.

Student Dashboard

Likewise from your mobile app home screen you have summary of all important activities.

Online classes and Learning Management System

In first place, now you can attend online classes from your mobile phone. Also, all your syllabus is available on Zama classroom with assessments. 

Digital School Fee Management

This feature helps you manage all fee related activities with school. Besides payments detail you can we fee transactions, receipt and pending details.

Exam Progress Evaluation

Furthermore, this module include exam datasheets, exam results and reports.

School Attendance Module

Similarly, attendance module provides complete attendance reports. Here it includes monthly and daily report on attendance.

Online School Leave Application

Furthermore, now you can send leave application from your mobile phone and view total leave history.

Daily Class Timetable

Now you can see your class daily timetable with teacher, class, section and timing details.  

Student Diary

To begin with, you can now have your school diary at your pocket. For instance, you can have list of your homework and you can submit homework status on school app.

Parent Suggestion

Parent can send suggestions to school regarding anything about their child and can get real-time response to their suggestion.

School Event Calendar

Furthermore, now you can know about all the yearly events in the school in advance. Also, you can get reminder notification before the event dates.

Rate Your Teacher

In addition to the above, you can now rate each of your teachers and leave feedback for your teacher.

Teacher’s Module some features:

My School Notifications

For instance, you can have all your school notices notification on your mobile phone now. In short from salary credit to class cancelation.

Teacher Dashboard

By the way, with teacher dashboard you can have quick access to today classes, extra classes and subjects etc.

Zama Classroom for Online classes and learning Management System

In this case, now you can conduct your online class from your mobile phone. Also, you can upload your class content against each subject topic wise.

Teacher Salary Transaction Summary

Above all, you can view complete detail of your salary transaction with breakdown details.

Class wise Exam Results

Besides, now you can digitally mark your students exam papers. Now you can submit exam marking reports from your mobile phone.

Online Student Attendance

Also, you can mark your student attendance just for a single touch.

Teacher Attendance Module

In short, you can record your daily attendance from your mobile. Also view their attendance.

Classes Time Table

To begin with, you can view your daily classes timetable here. Also, it’s in calendar display and multi week view.

Homework submission in Student Diary

To summarize, you don’t need to write diary for each student. Now open the app, select class or individual student and send daily homework.

Assign Class to other Teacher

Likewise, if you are not available on specific day, you can assign your class to other teacher.

In App marking for Test Results

Likewise, you can mark each class test assignments from the app.

Overall Class Assessments

Subsequently, you can view overall class assessments. Here you can view each student report, Top 3 and 10 students reports.

School Events

Furthermore, you can view school event activities detail in this module.

Teacher Account

Finally, you can view your short info, personal, contact, admission, and update password option info.

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