Education Management System for School and College.

Education management system simplified educational activities through technology. In summary, the system improves educational activities workflow. Thereby the overflow of data is efficiently managed with zero errors. Also, the automation improves the delivery time. Thus, the education management system increases the accuracy of data for reporting.

Similarly, you can manage all educational related activities at one place. Hence helps you manage everything at ‎one place with peace of mind. ‎

Zama School software is complete suite for school and college management. Here we will be focus on key benefits in education management system only.

Let’s discuss educational management system in detail below.

To begin with, our education management system includes online admission system. Which helps you in student’s enrollment process. Here the modules cover pre-admission, admission and post admission activities. Thus, once the enrollment form is completed by student, the data is automatically process into digital data. Over there includes student admission form and student profile management.

In the first place‎, classroom management is first essential step. Above all the system provide easy step to create school campus, class and sections. Thus, helps you to create campus online. Similarly, you will get all information at one place.

After classroom management next you have Curriculum & Course Management. Here youwill add curriculum publisher information. After this you can easily add each subject content. Thus, helps school administration to design yearly syllabus.

Likewise, Class Calendar & Timetable Management helps you manage class calendar and timetable. Here the system will generate classes’ timetable depending on teacher availability. Also, the school calendar is design yearly. Now you can just click on the date and add description related to that day. All these changes will be automatically updated in school mobile application.

Moreover In-App attendance system helps teacher to mark attendance in just 60 seconds. Besides, Students and parents can send leave application request from mobile. Also, digital sign-in and sign out option for school staff in mobile. As a result, Staff can check in via mobile and the attendance will be mark.

Furthermore, The examination module covers all the requirements of conducting exams. From Pre-examinations, exam day, and post examination requirements.

The main features in exams module are;

  • Exam Types.
  • Paper Maker.
  • Exam Attendance.
  • Automatic Grading.‎
  • Award list and DMC.
  • Statistical Reports.‎
  • Customization of features.‎

Finally, with LMS feature in education management system teacher can design its own content. Furthermore, The content includes; ‎videos, audios, notes, and pictures. Also, teacher can add MCQs, True/False, Q/A, Matching column, ‎and Blanks for each topic.

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