Frequently Asked Questions About School ERP

What is a School ERP and what value does it add to the school?

A school ERP is a piece of software that automates a school’s day-to-day operations. Teachers, students, parents, administrators, principals, and school managers all have access to the software application. These users can utilize the internet to access the school ERP from their computer or mobile device. A great school ERP may provide a lot of value to the school by creating various reports that can save teachers and administrators time while also assisting the administration in making better and faster choices.

“Zama School” is more than just software

We understand the challenges of introducing new technologies. That’s why, we have dedicated team to help you implement, train and support during the process. From initial implementation and training to ongoing user support, we’re here to provide the resources you need.

What is Zama School?

Zama School is innovative company which bridging technology divide in Pakistan education system by digitize educational institutes, help parent school communication and provides helpful tools to educators.

how does it work?

Campus management and smart suite are web-based software so you just have to login into your account and get started. ZamaApp is available on Play store and App store so you just have to download the app from the stores.

Is it possible to transfer data directly from existing software to your software?

Yes, it’s easy to transfer your data from old system to Zama school EdTech

Can I access it from anywhere or only on single laptop or system?

You can access from anywhere, anytime on any device.

How you will fix the issue if we have any?

We have dedicated support service at head office, so you just have to contact on available number. You can also get help from our tutorial’s videos available on our YouTube channel.

As there any training or tutorials available?

Yes, Online and on-site training provided to each user and also how to use each feature video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel.

Can changes be done according to our needs?

Absolutely, Customization and updates are provided without extra cost. Just tell us what you want to change, update or add

What about data security?

We make sure 100% data security so you don’t have to worry about any of your school personal data.


What if I lose data?

You don’t need to panic we provide data backup option, so if by mistake you remove or loss data, you can get complete backup in seconds.

How can a teacher use it?

With the help of ZamaApp teacher can take class attendance, communicate with school administration, upload exam results, Check-in Check-out, salary information and much more.

How it Helps school administration?

With the help of Campus management and Smart Suite administration can automate daily routine tasks with 20 awesome modules available.

How can a Parent use the app?

Download ZamaApp from Play store or Appstore and get login credentials from your kid school.

Biometric attendance is possible in your software or not?

Yes, customization will be done according to your school needs.

Can I use it offline?

Yes, you can used it offline, but we refer that you used it online to avail all the awesome features.

Is messaging system integrated in your software and how does it work?

Yes, you can used Paid APIs system or simply download our SMS App for low-cost messaging system.

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Download our apps from Play store and App store for Demo.

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