Hostel Management System ( How to manage boarding students easily )

Hostel management system is an integral part of boarding schools.‎

For instance students moving out from their hometowns to study in best school and college available. Generally to accommodate these students school and colleges established hostels. Including on campus and also off campus hostels.

In particular most schools and colleges does not have proper management of hostel. Thus having negative impact on the quality of hostel. Furthermore, resources are poorly utilized due to paper based work.

Now if your institute looking for effective management of boarding students. In this case we are here to help. In short, with the help of technology you can look after administration of hostel.

Compared to other hostel management system, we have complete solution. In summery we help you manage students, mess and other facilities.‎ Also, it is very easy to operate, and even non-technical person can operate it.


  1. On-Campus and off-Campus Hostel.
  2. Room Manager.
  3. Student Record Information.
  4. Hostel Fee management.
  5. Hostel Mess and bills manager.
  6. Expense and fund Manager.
  7. Visitor manager.
  8. Performance reporting.


On-Campus and off-Campus Hostel:

In short, one place to manage different hostels. As a result you have access to all the records from each facility.

Now you can add, replace and update hostel information. Similarly each hostel information include name, location, room, students and fee structure detail.

Room Manager:

To begin with, room assignment is an important activity for hostel management. Now, you can add as much information as you want with room detail. Such as number of beds, study tables, washroom facility, and other assets details.

Student Record Information:

To summarize you can manage student record with complete detail. Now record and assign room to each student on entry. Thus helping you in maintain hostel students record. Furthermore you can assign hostel, room and even vacate the students.

Hostel Fee management:

To begin with, this feature is the most important in hostel management system. Over there you can add different fee categories and charge students. Here categories include admission, Monthly, Mess, and other specific charges.

Next you can also apply hostel fee and other bills on individual and on group.

Hostel Mess and bills manager:

Now warden can add different bills categories. Thus allows smooth flow of information and easy access to specific bill.

Besides, bill receipt will include detail description of each specific charges. For example, the mess bill will have detail description i-e item, quantity, amount, time and date.

Expense and fund Manager:

Above all, add categories and sub categories for hostel expenses. This help you record expenses category wise. Thus helps you in spending and monitoring.

Similarly you can add fund to hostel management account. Also charge expenses against this fund.

Visitor manager:

Now you can record the detail of student visitors. Thus allows security and control. Manage the entire cycle of visitor operations. Thereby information that you wish to take from your visitors can be customize.

Performance reporting:

Generate reports on;

  • Category wise expenses.
  • Fund allocated.
  • Funds utilized.
  • Hostel fee.
  • Hostel admission fee.
  • Mess payment.
  • Room allocation.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Staff and Management.
  • Total number of students.
  • Students Activities progress.
  • Profit and loss.

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