How Mobile Apps technology is transforming education sector in Pakistan:

In education, Mobile Apps technology is becoming increasingly relevant. Teachers are integrating and incorporating devices into the sharing of knowledge with students in classrooms all over the world. Mobile technology, in particular, is having a huge effect on how and when students learn.

In this case Internet access is available in most of the classrooms across the country. Almost every classroom has a mobile device, and students are becoming increasingly dependent on technology at home.

Recognizing this strong move toward digital, teachers are using technology, including mobile devices, as teaching tools to engage students in more meaningful ways. Many of today’s students have never known a world without technology, and they lack the patience and aptitude to learn in a non-technological environment.

value of real-time monitoring:

Teachers may use a master tablet, or similar mobile devices, to track how students are doing on a given assignment, in addition to making classrooms more interesting. If one student is falling behind and another is catching up, the instructor will be able to change workloads to help all students succeed at the same time.

Today’s students, like those who benefit from differentiated learning, need individualized attention. This is especially true in larger schools, and it will become more common in larger businesses in the future.

Zama App is Pakistan mobile first education technology platform, which provides innovative solution.

With Zama App, Parent participation, student success monitoring, creative teaching, and administrative resources are all being driven to new heights by the Mobile-First platform.

For Student:

Zama App Increases student involvement by offering personalized access to what they need right away.

For Educators:

Zama App Providing creative resources, data, and insight to teachers to help them transition from reactive to constructive actions.

For Families:

Zama App Improve parental engagement by sending customized, appropriate, and timely communications.

For Administration:

Zama App Offers a host of features, designed to enhance and deliver added value to institutions and stakeholders alike.

Empowering Educators:

Students will always see the most important content thanks to a tailored user interface. Also, Parents can conveniently keep track of their children’s tasks, events, and success in one location.

Teacher Dashboard:

Similarly, Personalized dashboards provide teachers with one- or two-click access to the information they need.

In-App Student Attendance:

Zama App allows teachers to take attendance in less than 60 seconds.

In-App Marking:

Zama App Save time managing grades, assignments, and data entry—for both standards based and traditional grading.

Assign Homework:

There is no need to waste class time compiling homework since it can be assigned at any time and from anywhere with Zama App.

Bidirectional Messaging:

With the push notification, teachers will send a vital message to all of their students’ parents at the same time.

Class Timetable:

A lovely, straightforward way to see your class schedule, complete with a calendar and multi-week support.

Assessment Report:

Allow real-time access to all of a student’s vital academic records, including grades, overall success, and other relevant information.

Teacher Portfolio:

Similarly, Salary statements, leave control, payment distribution, and advances can all be accessed on the go.

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