How School employee management system saving time and cost for the administration?

Employee Management System helps maintain all staff record at one place. Information related to teachers, staff or employee are just a click away.

With employee management system an institution can organize employee information like personal, Educational and other information all at one place.

Employee now have mobile application ZamaApp. You can login into the app and access all the services at one place. If you are android user. Go to Play store and search ZamaApp. From there download the app. If you are an iphone user kindly go to Appstore and search ZamaApp. From there download the app.

Benefits of Staff/employees management system:

  • Employee data is available on the app.
  • Interactive dashboard for quick information.
  • Salary transaction feature help you with salary related activities.
  • Similarly one touch attendance for staff from their mobile phones.
  • Give access to leaves, short leaves, absentees and monthly history.
  • Send leave application request from mobile phone.
  • Simplifying communication between team.
  • Event calendar for staff and employee.
  • All important notices on mobile notification.
  • Finally view reports on everything important.

Now we will discuss features one by one:

Home Screen Dashboard:

With home screen dashboard you can view your assign subjects, today’s classes, extra class for today and this month attendance status.

My Salary Transactions:

My transaction feature allows you to view your complete salary record. It’s also shows advance salary transactions and different reports.

  • Salary statements.‎
  • Pay slips.‎
  • Leave management.‎
  • Allowance allocation.‎
  • Deductions and advances.‎

Exam Result feature:

With exam result feature you can digitally add exam marks of your students from the app. You can also view the submitted results and the pending.

Test Result feature:

Same like exam result feature with test result feature you can upload your daily class test marks from the app. Click on the test and start adding marks of the test to each student.

Student Attendance:

With this smart feature you can mark student attendance from the app. This helps you save time and efforts. Just click on the class and start marking attendance.

My Attendance:

With my attendance feature you can mark your own attendance with check in/check out option. Also you can send leave request to the management with single tap. This module also create different reports on total leave, short leave, late and absentees.

Time Table:

The timetable module shows your daily include day, subject, time, class and section. The timetable shows for the whole week.

Student Diary:

You can send homework to your students from the student diary feature. Also you can view which student submitted their homework.

Teacher Profile:

With this feature you can view all your information. It includes personal information, contact information and salary information. Here you can change you app password and profile picture.


Now with simple SMS feature you can also send SMS to your student and their parents. You can send it to single student and even whole class.

Student information:

With student information feature you can view profile overview of each of your student. Just click on the class and all the student name will be shown. Click on any of the student and view complete report on your current students.

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