How SMART SCHOOL ERP Helps the School?

What is smart school ERP?
Smart school ERP means a software which connect every department in school. In short, it covers every activity of school. For instance, from admission to alumni, everything is cover.
By the way, today’s school and college’s requirements are changing. Thus, they need advance smart school ERP for the new trends in education.
Now here we will explain how you can adopt smart school ERP. Also, what are the benefits and features of software?

Here we will highlight the main features of our School ‎Software:

  • Firstly, ZamaApp which is Smart mobile application.
  • Secondly, Zama Classroom which is Online classroom management solution.
  • Thirdly, Campus Management which is School management system.
  • Fourthly, Smart Suite which is School administration management system.
  • Lastly, Zama Notify which is Free School SMS application.

Key Features in mobile application‎:

  • Above all, separate login for student, parent, and school.
  • Also, home Screen dashboard feature.
  • Moreover, In-App mobile attendance system for students and teachers.
  • Similarly, fee slip and transaction management module.
  • Daily class timetables for students and teachers in this case.
  • In brief exam results, DMCs, and progress report.
  • Next, Student’s digital homework diary.
  • Here communication portal between school and parents.
  • Including student and teacher rating system.
  • Besides, school event calendar.
  • Furthermore, Class syllabus for students and teachers.
  • In-App paper marking for teachers.
  • Likewise, Student assessment reports.
  • Later, Administration task planner.
  • After that, Staff services on-the-go.
  • Lastly, Administrative reports.

Online classroom management features :

  • Curriculum Management.
  • Assignment Activity.
  • Interactive Lessons.
  • Assessments.
  • Syllabus Design.
  • Dashboard.
  • Practice feature.
  • Topic Quizzes.
  • Paper & Test ‎Generator.
  • Insights into student ‎performance.
  • Reports Generator.

ZamaSchool Smart School ERP System – Campus Management System Features:

  • Student Information System.
  • Academia Management System.
  • Fee Management System.
  • Exam Management System.
  • Hostel Management System.
  • Transport management system.
  • Library management module.
  • Data Analytics system.
  • Customize Dashboard.
  • Planning & Monitoring.
  • Compliance Reporting.
  • Communication Portal.
  • Certificate Generator.
  • Messaging System. ‎

Administration Smart Suite Features of Zama School Software :

  • Human Resources Module
  • Banking Management Solution
  • Budgeting Feature
  • Expense Management System
  • Purchasing Module
  • Inventory Management System
  • Finance Management

Benefits of Zama School Software:

  • In the first place, it is mobile first solution.
  • In short, the system is easy to Use.
  • By the way, AWS Cloud based system, so best data security.
  • Besides you can use it Anywhere, Any device, Any time.
  • Likewise it is for schools, colleges and university.
  • Above all, every feature can be customize.
  • Also, we have added tutorial guides and videos.
  • Similarly you will get free Presentation and DEMO.
  • Afterward you will have free Updates and maintenance.
  • In short, control Privileges & Secure Password Management.
  • Lastly, Affordable Pricing.

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