How virtual classroom is helping schools in delivering online education.

What is virtual classroom:

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows for real-time interaction between the teacher and the students as they are engaged in educational activities.

Benefit of virtual classroom:

  • Bring people from various parts of the world together.
  • There are no travel, hotel, or training costs.
  • Application-based interaction between learners and instructors.
  • Appropriate for preparation that can be delivered on short notice.
  • The session can be recorded and used as a refresher course at a later time.

What is zama classroom:

Zama Classroom assists educational institutions in managing online classroom activities such as creating and delivering educational content, evaluating students, monitoring their development, and cooperation between students and teachers. Every teacher can create and upload their own curriculum to meet their specific needs. The student attends a regular online class that follows their class syllabus and provides high-quality, interactive material that is available to all students.

Benefit of zama classroom:

  • Student start learning through digital platform.
  • Parents can View & Monitor their child progress
  • Teacher can start teaching their syllabus online
  • Administrator can quick overview of activities & Progress

Online Student Monitoring.

Teachers will monitor students’ progress during physical classroom activities using various in-class evaluation methods. In a learning management system, the same is expected in virtual classroom.

Teachers can use the Zama Classroom feature to measure student progress by creating tests in the form of MCQs, true/false, Fill in the blanks, Matching column, short questions, and long questions.

Student, Teacher Communication:

Teachers in physical classrooms are in close contact with their students. There is a need for a networking channel where they can communicate in the virtual classroom.

In Zama Classroom Students can not only communicate with their teachers, but they can also rate each lecture and instructor, as well as leave feedback.

Learning Resources for Student

For better comprehension, students need access to learning resources at all times. Students may use the Zama Classroom Learning function to access any subject material at any time, on any device.

Each subject is broken down into chapters, subjects, and micro-lessons. Each micro lesson’s learning content is delivered in the form of video, text (Flashcards), audio, or a slide show, allowing them to take charge of their own learning.

Training and Support Service

There is no immersive or online learning instruction for teachers or students. Which causes dissatisfaction.

Full tutorials for implementation, onboarding, and basic features are available in Zama Classroom. Furthermore, online training sessions and on-call assistance are available at any time.

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