Importance of Educational Mobile App for Teachers:

Since it provides many benefits to schools, teachers, parents, and students, the school mobile app has become a trend in the educational landscape. Teachers can easily interact with students and parents using this feature. For minor issues, parents are not required to visit the school. The following are the advantages of using a school mobile app for teachers.

  • can be used to record student attendance in a class
  • may share attachments with homework
  • online sharing of notes and assignments
  • submit parents monthly attendance reports
  • In the event of an emergency, you’ll have access to all of your parents’ and students’ information.
  • can interact with parents about their children’s academic success

Here we will discuss the unique feature of Zama App is the best mobile app for Teacher.


Empowering teachers with innovative tools, data and insight that helps them to go from reactive to proactive. Easy to share digital homework assignments, Submit results and class attendance a with single click, and communication channel with schools and students.

Teacher Dashboard

Bring together all your data across multiple sources into a single, live reporting dashboard portal to create interactive dashboards that show the status of your planning processes in real time. Personalized dashboards give teachers immediate access to what they need within one or two clicks.

In-App Student Attendance

Teachers can mark attendance in less than 60 seconds using the In-App Attendance. All the students assigned to the teacher are automatically marked present, the teacher only has to mark the absent students in a single touch and submit the attendance.

In-App Grading Feature

Save time managing grades, assignments, and data entry—for both standards based and traditional grading. Our in-app grading feature makes standards-based and traditional grading easy for teachers.

Ensure final grades reflect student understanding with the professional judgment indicator. Seamlessly manage all tasks, including grading, attendance, assignments, and measuring achievement, all in one place. And with student data available right at teachers’ fingertips, easily measure performance for the individual student, whole class, or all classes to better personalize learning outcomes.

Assign Homework

Teachers can assign homework to all the students in bulk or a single student individually. The teachers can also view the homework details. As the homework can be assigned anytime and from anywhere, there is no need to spend crucial class time compiling homework.

Bidirectional messaging

Teachers can broadcast important notice to all the parents at once with the push notification. Additionally, teachers can provide feedback regarding students to their parents with bidirectional messaging feature in the app and can also reply to a parent’s query via the app. This helps bridge the gap between teachers and parents and together the two can effectively collaborate and focus on improving student outcome.

Digital Sign-In & Sign-Out

We digitize sign in-out process with our one-touch mobile solution for staff. This feature allows Staff to check in via their mobile device, and record attendance within the predefined coordinates just from a single tap. Process attendance on a daily basis based on real-time attendance data which automatically integrate with payroll management. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs. Attendance dashboard gives staff real time insight on the number of leaves, short leaves, absentees and overall history. Staff can also send leave application request within this feature saving staff and management valuable time.

My Transaction

Today’s employees expect fast, self-service access to important resources like salary statements, pay slips, leave management, allowance allocation, deductions, and advances. Managing all these records is no longer a hassle. Staff can view salary details specific to prevailing deductions, advances and other associated rules in a comprehensive and user-friendly view.

Class Timetable

A beautiful, simple way to view your class schedule, featuring a calendar display and multi-week support. Assign class to another available teacher when you are on leave.


A strong student evaluation system is central to improving teaching quality. Assessment feature delivers reliable insights into your students’ classroom engagement. Enable real-time access to all of the critical academic record of each student including grades, overall progress, comparative figures, and other useful attributes. Rather than making teacher go through different files and registers, unified assessment solution provides a complete picture of each student progress. This feature also helps in teacher assessment report.

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