Learning management system in Pakistan

Learning Management System in Pakistan has now become a basic need for schools, colleges, and higher education. Because after the Covid-19 situation, educators understand the importance of learning management system.

Thus, the lockdown and school closures create the opportunity for digital classroom solution.

Educators can now provide blended learning and flipped classroom solutions. Now, the can create content once and can teach in a better way anytime anywhere. Which can save teacher time. Also, brings individual student performance at the fingertips of teachers.

Zama Classroom is first mobile app in Pakistan for learning management system. The application is develop on AWS so providing security and unlimited storage. Some of the features are;

Mobile-First Solution

Zama Classroom is a mobile-first solution. Moreover, the App can be download from the IOS and Android store for free. The App connects students, teachers, parents, and administrator all-in-one Platform.

Conducting Classes

Zama Classroom has different online classes solution. In addition,

Daily subject wise online class.

Self-paced learning class.

Blended classroom solution.

Flipped classroom solution.

Above all, learning through gamification classroom Hybrid classroom solution.

Curriculum content

The content of the learning management system is align with the national curriculum. The content is also align with local content publishers.

Similarly, Teacher can upload lecture notes, pictures slides, flashcards, lecture audios, video and related links.

Assignments Activities

Teachers can assign different activities related to assessments to students. These activities can be schedule and restricted according to the requirements. After that, students get assignments push notification on the App. They can conduct assignments from their mobile phone and can submit it online.

Above all, teacher can create and conduct online papers, assign daily class homework, weekly subject assignments, daily test and conduct a monthly test.

Topic Quizzes

Teachers can create different types of quizzes for each topic. These quizzes are auto-graded and generate auto reports, saving teacher time. Thus, helping in maintaining an interactive class experience.

For instance, teachers can create auto-graded multiple-choice questions, true/false, fill in the blanks, matching column, short questions and long questions.


Similarly, in Zama Classroom automatics reports are generate for students, teachers, and administration. These reports help in performance monitoring and evaluations. In particular:

Daily Class attendance report.

Daily class assessment report.

Student subject wise progress report.

Class wise progress report.

Teacher progress report.

Class feedback report.

LMS engagement report.

Content uploaded report.

Monthly student report.

Also Monthly teacher report.

Similarly, any other customize report.

In conclusion, this is a time to act upon going digital. We offered the most affordable Learning management system in Pakistan.

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