Best school ERP System with free mobile application. (Part I)

Our school ERP system have many tools and features for all school stakeholders. In short, the technology is the driven factor in education management. As a result, we design our solution to best fit for now and feature.

As an example, there are everything on mobile Apps now a days. Similarly, schools also need customize solution so that they can provide services. Thus, our school ERP system comes with free mobile application.

Subsequently, the application is available on Play store, App Store, Microsoft Store and App Gallery. Thus, you can download it from the available mention stores above. Likewise, all the school ERP software features and activities are now available App.

To summarize, we provides best school erp system with Smart App.‎

Here we will highlight the main features of our School ERP system and App:


In first place, single app for students, parents, teachers and school. Thus the features include;‎

  • Student Dashboard.
  • Attendance module.
  • School Fee Management.
  • Daily Class Timetable.
  • In-App Student Diary.
  • Exam Progress Evaluation.
  • Communication portal.
  • Rate Your Teacher.
  • School Event Calendar.
  • Class Syllabus.
  • Teacher Dashboard.
  • Teacher Portfolio.
  • Task planner.


Firstly, our school ERP system have both web portal and App for online classes. Similarly the LMS is design as an asynchronous education tool. So teacher can create their content easily. Thus the features include;

  • Firstly Curriculum Management.
  • Secondly Assignment Activity.
  • Thirdly Interactive Lessons.
  • Finally Assessments.
  • Syllabus Design.
  • Dashboard.
  • Practice feature.
  • Topic Quizzes.
  • Paper & Test ‎Generator.
  • Insights into student ‎performance.
  • Lastly Reports Generator.


In particular, this module covers all academic related activities of school. Here you can manage all these activities from software and from mobile App. Thus the features include;

  • Curriculum Design.
  • Timetable Management.
  • Master Calendar.
  • Smart Attendance.
  • Digital Diary.
  • Reports.


Similarly, the SIS module covers all aspects of students. In brief, from enrollment, admission, profile, promotions to alumni. Thereby you can find all these activities in one place both in software and in mobile app. Thus the features include;‎

  • Enrollment.
  • Student Profile.
  • Digital Student Record.
  • Student categorization.
  • Student Promotion.
  • Also ID card Maker.


Here with fee module you can manage all fee related activities. Above all, students will get monthly fee card through mobile notification. Also, parents can view complete payment transaction with school from the App. Thus the features include;

  • Calculation of fees.
  • Accounting for additions fee. ‎
  • Fee Deductions. ‎
  • Submission of fee. ‎
  • Due notice feaure. ‎
  • Payment register. ‎
  • Family account. ‎
  • Generate and issue receipts. ‎
  • Record maintenance and many more.‎


Similarly this module helps you manage boarding students, mess facility and expenses separately. Thus the features include;

  • On-Campus and off-Campus Hostel.
  • Room Manager.
  • Student Record Information.
  • Hostel Fee management.
  • Hostel Mess and bills manager.
  • Expense and fund Manager.
  • Visitor manager.
  • Performance reporting.


For instance, there are more than 100 reports formats available. ‎As a result, these reports are design with the help of educational experts. Hence with these reports statistics you can ‎make better decision. Thus the features include;

  • 100+ reports and formats.
  • Document representation.
  • Graph reports.
  • Chart reports.
  • Analytics reports.


To begin with, Our Exam management module covers all activities of examination. In short, it covers Pre-examinations, exam day, and post examination requirements. Thus the features include;

  • Test Maker.
  • Automatic Grading.
  • Statistical Reports.
  • Customization of features.
  • Activity based grading.
  • Better Analytics. 
  • Automatic Grading system
  • Create roll number slips
  • Attendance list
  • Awards list
  • DMCs

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