How to create school leaving certificate for withdrawal student:

In this tutorial blog we will discuss about the school leaving certificate in Zama school software.

First of all, you have to withdraw a student to give him a school leaving certificate.

So first click on student’s module in side menu. then click on search student. You will see a new screen with different option. here you will select the campus, class, the list will appear below.

You can also search student by id, bar code, file number, name, or father name. but if you don’t have all that just click on campus and class name.

Let say we want to withdraw student. Click on the withdraw option. And the new screen will open. in this screen you will fill the following details. Likewise write withdraw reason. And check the boxes of dues cleared, security refunded, school leaving certificate taken, and then enter leave date and then SLC Number. and then write any Remarks about the students. And then write Co-curricular Activity if any. After that filling all this detail click on the Withdraw Student. And the student will be with draw form the current students.

Now if you want to confirm. Click on Admission Module in the site menu. You will see withdraw students in the side menu when you click on it. you will see new screen. on that screen you will enter the student id and click on search. So will see the withdraw student. As you have the withdraw the student. Now come to the certificate feature.

Click on the certificate in the side menu. And click on Enter certificate info. Here you can search by ID or Student Name. select you student ID and select certificate type to SLC. So, the withdraw student will appear in the list. In the list you can write the date in which SCL Certificate you want to issue. then click on save record. Now come to School leaving in the side menu. And Enter the Student ID. And select the certificate kind to original and click on search. So, you can see below the SCL Certificate of that Student with all the details of that student. after confirming all the data on SCL Certificate you can print the certificate by clicking the print button on the right. I hope after this blog you will be easy issue Certificate to a withdraw student.

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