School Management App | ‎How Students & Parents will use ZamaApp

In this school management app tutorial blog we will discuss how student and parent login will work. How student and parent will download the app from playstore and app store.‎ Let’s get into the details.

ZamaApp – School Management App

First, if you are android user. Go to playstore and search ZamaApp. From there download the app, once the app download completed. Tap to open it.

If you are an Iphone user kindly go to Appstore and search ZamaApp. From there download the app, once the app download completed. Tap to open it.‎

Login Screen:

Once you open the app, the app will show tutorial screen, you can skip this step. This will not the shown next time.

On login screen you will have three login options:

Students/Parents login

Teacher Login

Admin Login

The School administration will provide you ZamaApp ID and Password. You can update your password with app setting.

You will enter ZamaApp ID and password, you will have the option to save this by tapping on remember me. This will helps you not to enter login credentials every single time.

Home Screen:

Once you login into the app, you will have home screen, which include all the app features in a single screen.

If you have more than one child at same school. You can switch to other child account from the drop down option adjacent to profile picture and name.

The bill icon shows all the app notification, you can tap on bill icon and all the notification and messages will be shown in full page view.

Below the profile picture is student activities dashboard, the dashboard includes:

Fee paid

Fee pending

Total suggestions

Total application

Zama Classroom tab is for online classes. Also you can view all our syllabus curriculum in digital content.

Fee module:

When you tap on fee module it will show total fee summery and month wise fee details. In month wise status you can view month, total amount, due date and fee status.  You can tap on fee dashboard for further detail transaction view.

Exam Module:

When you open exam module it will show exam date sheet, month assessments and exam reports. When you tap on exam date sheet this will show you papers exam papers conducting dates.

While tapping on monthly assessments you can view each subject theory and practical marks. The monthly assessment dashboard gives complete assessment report view.

Test Module:

In this module all activities related to test are available. As it includes test all subjects result information.

Attendance module:

When you open attendance module the attendance dashboard shows current month attendance status. It includes details about total present days, absent and leave days.

You can also view complete attendance reports of previous days also.

Timetable Module:

The timetable module shows you a student daily class timetable. The details include subject name, teacher name, class time, class and section.

Online leave application:

You can send school leave application from Zamapp. You can select leave date first than sick leave or urgent leave selection and then tap on submit button. Once you tap on submit button your application will be sent to school administration.

You can view the status of your application right here. If the application is rejected, accepted or still in pending you can view the status of it. Also here you can view your previous leave application requests.

Digital Diary:

In diary section you can view student daily homework against each date and subject. Also you can submit the homework status in the form of taking pictures and submitting it.

Parent suggestion:

In parent suggestion you can send suggestion to schools. You will need to type subject name, your suggestion. Then tap on send button and the suggestions will be spent to school administration. You can view the status of your suggestions also.


Account module includes all information of the student. You can change your login password here from the setting button. Tap on the setting button and you will see update password option here. Once you tap on this, new screen will open. Here you can enter your old password and new password. Then tap on reset password and your password will be updated.

Thank you for using ZamaApp – A School Management App.

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