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About ZamaAppSchool Management App Case Study

ZamaApp is a school management app which lets any schools and colleges to perform all activities digitally. For example, schools and colleges get register on ZamaApp and perform all administrative activities. Such as managing students, teachers, employee and parents.

In addition to, this school management app is to connect Students, Parents, Teachers and the School administration —all in one platform.‎

  • An Innovative mobile application which provides personalized, relevant, and timely ‎communications to improve Parental involvement. ‎
  • It gives students personalized access to what they need instantly, helping to increase student ‎engagement. ‎
  • Empowering teachers and administration with innovative tools, data and insight that helps ‎them to go from reactive to proactive. ‎

The challenges

In our current educational ecosystem Parental involvement in a child’s education is often seen as a ‎cornerstone. Likewise, parents became frustrated by the number of handouts, emails, mobile messages, ‎homework diaries and folders. In short, they had to check all these to stay involved in their children’s academic lives.

As ‎parents, they simply wanted to be more engaged in their children’s education. As a result, we need to connect parents with school to increase student engagement. ‎

On other hand, School Administration, from the classroom to the central office, have an impact on ‎preparing the next generation of learners. While, they are busy and stuck using manual ways of engaging and managing people and tasks. Thus, eats up productive ‎hours of the day and impacts institute performance and student success.‎

Similarly, the current situation following the closure of school and colleges due to Covid19 emergency across the world.  In such a situation, educators are looking for Interactive, and accessible LMS. While some school administrations are using Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp for online classes but these app don’t provide proper classroom experience.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s current educational ecosystem need digital transformation. Thereby to help transform learning experience into 100% digital experience. This can be done by transforming all these activities into the app. This will provide students learning beyond the classrooms with the help of teachers.

Design and Development Goal:

  • The design goal was to provide a solution for all the above problems with understandable and easy interface.
  • The aim was to meet the expectation of all stakeholders, specially the students, to make the app enjoyable for the tech savvy users.
  • Making the user interface similar to what they (Stakeholders) are used to and must also tackle the functionality.
  • Meeting the needs and expectation with unique, eye-catching, and attractive design. The main focus was on user personas and the level of knowledge of those who use it.

Solution – School Management App Case Study:


  • Instant Notification.
  • Student Dashboard.
  • Online classes and Learning Management System.
  • Digital School Fee Management.
  • Exam Progress Evaluation.
  • School Attendance Module.
  • Online School Leave Application.
  • Daily Class Timetable.
  • Student Diary.
  • Direct Message To Teachers And School.
  • Direct Message To Parents and Students.
  • Student Profile.
  • School Event Calendar.
  • Class Syllabus.
  • Rate Your Teacher.


  • Dedicated login for admin.
  • Interactive dashbaod.
  • All campuses at one place.
  • Admin Activity Dashboard in School Management App.
  • Daily Attendance at dashboard activities.
  • Fee Collections in dashboard activities.
  • Exam Reports on dashboard activities.
  • Expense Reports on dashboard activities.
  • Student Information.
  • Teacher Information.
  • New admissions.
  • Total student counts.
  • Other Activities.


  • My School Notifications.
  • Teacher Dashboard.
  • Zama Classroom for Online classes and learning Management System.
  • Teacher Salary Transaction Summary.
  • Class wise Exam Results.
  • Online Student Attendance.
  • Teacher Attendance Module.
  • Classes Time Table.
  • Homework submission in Student Diary.
  • Assign Class to other Teacher.
  • In App marking for Test Results.
  • Overall Class Assessments.
  • School Events.
  • Teacher Account.

Thank you for using ZamaApp – A School Management App.

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