School Management App | ‎How Teachers and Employees will use ZamaApp.

In this school management app tutorial blog we will discuss how teachers and employee ‎login will work. How teachers and employees ‎will download the app from Play store and App store.‎ Let’s get into the details.

ZamaApp – School Management App

First, if you are android user. Go to Play store and search ZamaApp. From there download the app, once the app download completed. Tap to open it.

If you are an iphone user kindly go to Appstore and search ZamaApp. From there download the app, once the app download completed. Tap to open it.‎

Login Screen:

Once you open the app, the app will show tutorial screen, you can skip this step. This will not be shown next time.

On login screen you will have three login options:

Students/Parents login

Teacher Login

Admin Login

The School administration will provide your username and Password. You can update your password with app setting.

You will enter ZamaApp ID and password, you will have the option to save this by tapping on remember me. This will helps you not to enter login credentials every single time.

Home Screen:

Once you login into the app, you will have home screen, which include all the app features in a single screen.

On the top left corner of the app will have your profile picture and full name. On the top right corner of the app you have notification icon. The bill icon shows all the app notification, you can tap on bill icon and all the notification and messages will be shown in full page view.

Below the profile picture is teacher activity dashboard, the dashboard includes:

Your assign subjects.

Today’s classes.

Any extra class for today.

This month attendance status.

Zama Classroom tab is for online classes. Also, you can select your class and subject and design topic wise content for your students.

My transaction:

It includes your salary complete transaction information. It also include advance salary withdrawal status, like how many salary already paid to you as an advance.

You can we complete month report by selecting starting and ending date from the drop down menu.

Exam Results:

Once you select on any exam available in the list, the next screen will open. Here the screen will show you two options. Pending and submitted exam reports. When you tap on the pending results, the pending student will be shown. Now tap on them one by one and add marks and tap on submit.

The submitted tab gives you a glance of your submitted exam reports. You can view each exam and each student result details.

Test Result:

If you are conducting your daily class assignment or test. You can add assessments or marks here in the test result module.

Just tap on test result module, add test/assignment title, total marks and select subject. Below this total student in the class will be shown in the list. Now just add marks attain by each student and tap on submit.

Student Attendance:

You can mark your class attendance from the student attendance module. You have the option to mark attendance by day or subject. You school class will be already shown in the list.

Just tap on the required school class and all the students will be shown present (P). If someone is absent just tap on it, he/she will on be shown absent (A). Leave students will be already shown leave (L), if they have sent an application through app.  

Once whole class attendance is complete just tap on the submit button and attendance for the day will be saved.

My Attendance:

As a teacher, you can mark your attendance also from the app. My attendance dashboard shows total leave, short leaves, late and absentees.

You can mark your attendance from check-in/check-out icon. Tap on it, a new screen will open, tap on check-in to mark your attendance in school premises. When you are about to leave the school at the end of the day, then tap on checkout.

You can also send leave request form here just tap on the request leave icon. Once you tap on it, a new screen will open, now here select a date, leave type, write leave reason. Then tap on submit and your application will be submitted.

Your application will be shown in pending status below in the list. Once it’s approved by the school administration the status will be turn into approved.

From history icon you can view your previous attendance reports.


The timetable module shows your daily include day, subject, time, class and section. The timetable shows for the whole week.

Student Diary:

If you are sending homework assignments to your students, you can do it from student diary. You can create a new homework assignment and assign it to each class. Also view submitted and current student diary status.

Teacher Profile:

In teacher profile you can view your personal, contact and salary information. You can change your password from the setting menu at the top right corner here. Setting icon also includes allow access, where you can allow access of location, external storage, camera, microphone and telephone for better use of different app features.

You can also upload your profile picture from teacher profile module. Tap on photo icon and now you can take picture or upload it from your gallery.


One of the important feature of the app is SMS. You can send SMS to whole class or individual. Just tap on SMS icon. Your assign classes will be shown in the list.

Now select class and the whole class student list will open. You can select a whole class by tapping next or you can select single or multiple students.

Once you tap on the next button, the new SMS screen will open. Type title and detail SMS and tap on send button. Thus the SMS will be sent to whole or selected students.

Student Info:

In student info module, all your classes and students detail you can view. From here you can view complete profile info of each student and can upload each student profile picture also.

Thank you for using ZamaApp – A School Management App.