Smart School System: Easy steps to transfer your school (PART II)

Continuing with part first of this series, smart school system implementation steps.

Here we will explain further how you can equip your teachers with smart technology. After which it will help teachers to provide interactive learning environment. Also, will help your teachers to save their precious time.

Moreover, today’s teacher need to be more aware of technology. So that he/she can introduce smart learning. Besides, this learning tools should be within the classroom and outside the classroom. So that teachers can collect learning data on each individual student.

Consequently, this will help both students and teachers. In brief, students can view their progress and bring improvement into it. While teachers can have complete progress report of each student. Thus helping them to focus and provide each student unique learning experience.

Likewise, easy access to information is the most important step for smart school system. Here we will explore this important step on how with ZamaApp you can achieve all this.


Firstly, now a days teachers do not need to bring their notebook and textbook to class. As they can prepare their lesson in advance on the app and students will have direct access. After that, teacher can then present it in class in most effective way.


Also, our best feature of a smart school system is that teachers can conduct online classes. Also, provide learning material in digital form. In short, open the app, select class, select topic and start online teaching.


Furthermore, today’s teacher need to focus on individual student learning habits. For example, in traditional method teachers can have only know about the exam results. But smart school system focus on each students individual needs. This can be achieve by monitoring each student overall progress.


To bring smart school system, school and teachers need to cut paper work. Also, to bring digitalization by replacing manual work. Below are few examples of how with Zamapp we have simplied different tasks for teachers;

  • They can mark attendance in less than 60 seconds using the In-App Attendance feature.
  • Above all, Teachers can save time with data entry by marking papers within the App.
  • Teachers can upload to app each subject topic content in any form and format.
  • Homework can be assign anytime and from anywhere from the app.
  • Teachers can provide learning content for their students within the app.
  • Class timetable; a beautiful, simple way to view your class schedule.

Further, in last article of this series we will explain steps for administrator. This will include the overall steps to put in place smart school system.

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