Transport Management System essential features in School Software.

School transport management system has gained importance now a days. Because parents are now more concern about their child safety and security. Also school are facing challenges in implementing safety and security measures. Subsequently the challenges include quality transport management and ensuring better security of students.
Furthermore, Parents wants to know when their children left for school bus. When they are on their way and when they reached school. Also they want this features through mobile app so they can easily track.
Hence, we have develop school transport management system which include all important features. In addition to, our transport management system provide complete solution. So that you can manage transporters, fleet, students and parents.
To summarize efficient transport management saves time, efforts and money. Thereby our school bus transportation system offers a complete solution;

  1. Transport Data Management.
  2. Allocation Management.
  3. Real Time Tracking System.
  4. Mobile Alerts Notifications.
  5. Reports Generator.
  6. Transport Fee Collection.
  7. ID card Maker.
  8. Expense Management.

Transport Data Management:

Now you can add transport related information. In short include vehicle, route, stops, and student information, etc.

Allocation Management:

Now set vehicle route for each type. Likewise you can add/remove/update vehicle routes, bus stops, pick & drops and timing.
Also manage allocation of vehicle to students during the academic year properly. To summarize you can manage student record with complete detail. Now you can assign bus to each student on entry. Thus helping you in maintain transport students record.

Real Time Tracking System:

Similarly parents with their smart phone can now track their child bus route.
Thereby show real time visibility of vehicle and can track exact location of their child.

Mobile Alerts Notifications:

Together with other features, our school transport management system has Geo-fencing feature. Thus when student enter the bus or exit to school, parents will get notification. So helps parents to track and locate their child all the way to and from school.
Likewise, when the vehicle is divert from the route, school will get security alert.
Also, if the vehicle violate speed limit or get delay you will get emergency alerts.
Subsequently, you can also customize Geo-Fencing feature and alert system. Hence means you can customize according to your school requirements.

Reports Generator:

Likewise, the report generator in school transport management helps you in customize reports. Now you can use reports like;

  • Vehicle Information.
  • Routes Data.
  • Transport Fee.
  • Expenses details.
  • Alerts and Security reports.
  • And Many more,

Transport Fee Collection:

To begin with, this feature is the most important in school transport. Over here you can add different payment categories and charge students.
Next you can also apply transport fee and other charges on each student or total.

ID card Maker:

with this feature school management create student transport card. Thus the easiest way to create an ID card with customized features. Also includes barcode that can be scan.

Expense Management:

This feature helps you in expense management of transport system. Thus helps you in calculating driver salaries, bus fuel, and other related expenses.

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