Virtual Campus for online Classes – Tips for Schools and Colleges.

Virtual campus has become popular after the Covid pandemic. After that new tools and technology is being adopted in education.

For instance, online learning tools are already use in education around the world. Generally, technology adoption in school and colleges looks like a challenging task. But today with mobile [this simple device] you can create virtual campus.

Similarly, there are so many virtual campus solution available in the market. But before implementing virtual campus for your school and college.

In this case you should look into features ‎consideration. Thus a solution and feature best work with your school and college requirements.‎

Here we have a list of features that are most important for virtual campus and online classroom.

Meet Requirements of local education board and advisory:

Above all, our virtual campus solution is base on the policy of HEC. Thereby we design our solution with consideration in four areas

  • Course Readiness
  • Faculty Readiness
  • Student Readiness
  • Library Readiness

Basic need solution not supplementary product:

Similarly most of available solution and product in the market are supplementary. Thus, means it does not fulfill the requirements on virtual classroom.

So then our online classroom solution is the basic product. Here every teacher will design it’s our content for their students.

Compatibility and availability:

By the way virtual campus should not be limit to any specific device and time. In short, the online classes should be conduct just like on premises class.

This mean students will know their timetable, lesson plan and homework activities.

Above all, our virtual campus is available on any device. Either you have mobile, tablet, laptop, and PC. Also you can access to virtual campus anytime, anywhere, on any device and on any platform. [Android, IOS, Windows]

Parental Involvement in child education:

Moreover we always ignore parental involvement in child education. So one of the benefit of virtual campus is parents can be involve in child education.

Because, Zama Classroom helps parent and school to communicate directly. Now parents can check and view progress of their child from their separate App login. Also they get important notification daily on their mobile phone.

Personalized & self-directed learning:

Similarly teachers can design content according to the learning need. Now teacher can follow its teaching method in virtual campus.

Thus, teacher can upload lecture notes, pictures, flashcards, audios, video and related links. By this way student not only attend the lesson lecture but have option to explore the topic in more details.

Let us highlight some features of our virtual campus solution [Zama Classroom]

Curriculum Management

Now every teacher can design its own content. Thus they can teach in virtual campus with their unique pedagogy.

Assignment Activity

Beyond conduct online classes, teacher can assign daily homework also.

Interactive Lessons

Likewise the online lecture includes Videos, Audios, Picture Slideshow, and Flash cards.


Similarly with each topic, teacher can add MCQs, True/False, Q/A, Matching column, and Blanks.

Syllabus Design

Also our blended learning solution helps you to divide subject into Chapter, Topics & Micro topics.


In summary, Teacher and student dashboard provide quick overview of progress.


The syllabus content is available for practice also. Now you can learn any topic in your subject anytime anywhere.

ZamaSchool EDTech is the Pakistan’s leading education technology company. Which execute your ‎digital transformation strategy in;‎‎

  • Learning Management System.
  • School and college mobile application.
  • Student Information system,
  • Academia Management solution.
  • School and College fee management.
  • Smart Attendance System.
  • Examination Management System.
  • Hostel Management System.
  • Transportation manager.
  • School Accounting System.

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