Web School ERP – Features and benefits for schools & Colleges

Web school ERP is now the basic need of every school and college. In other words we understand how important it is for management of institutes. That’s why we collect the feature and benefits list for school web ERP.

By the way, listed below are some key features and benefits of Zama school software. As there are several reasons why we are the right partner for you.

Our Web School ERP – Campus Management System Features:

  • Student Information System.
  • Academia Management System.
  • Fee Management System.
  • Exam Management System.
  • Hostel Management System.
  • Data Analytics system.
  • Customize Dashboard.
  • Planning & Monitoring.
  • Compliance Reporting.
  • Communication Portal.
  • Certificate Generator.
  • Messaging System. ‎

Administration Smart Suite Features of Web School ERP:

  • Human Resources Module
  • Banking Management Solution
  • Budgeting Feature
  • Expense Management System
  • Purchasing Module
  • Inventory Management System
  • Finance Management

Easy to Use:

In first place, we understand why easy user interface is important. So that we design our system in way that anyone can use it. Our user interface is user friendly and easy to understand.‎

AWS Cloud based system:

Likewise the software is build on AWS. Thus mean your data is safe in cloud and there is no worry of data loss.‎


Above all we provide you training and support service. Such as if your team need basic software use training, we will provide that. Also if your team face any problem during the use. That’s why we are available on telephone, mobile, Whatsapp, and through email.‎

Use it Anywhere, Any device, Any time:

Hence our software is web based, its mean you don’t need any software installation. Thus we will provide you a link you need to login into your account. Furthermore you can work from home or office, at any device at any time. ‎

For Schools Colleges and university:

Compare to other web school ERP, we provide you complete solution. Such as that our software is use by schools, colleges and universities. ‎

Bespoke customization:

By the way, most web school ERP are pre develop. Conversely we provide you custom solution. Usually our team visit your school and collect information. After that we customize our web school ERP according to your school requirements.

Tutorial guides and videos:

Similarly to better understand and use our web school ERP. Over there in each feature we have added tutorial clips. Thus if you have any problem understanding the software, you can watch related video. Also these videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Presentation & Free DEMO:

To summarize we will provide you complete presentation our products to you. Also we will answer any question from your team. After that we will provide one month free demo. Lastly, if after one month your team is please we can move forward to agreement stage.

Free Updates and maintenance:

Similarly we update software for performance improvement. However these upgrades are off hours. Thus your work will not be affect by it. Also software maintenance improvement in design, bugs fix ‎and minor upgrades. ‎

Data Security:

In comparison to other web school ERP, we have top notch security. Thereby your data is always secure and protected. Because we have security and compliance experts in our team. Also with international partners like AWS cloud service your data is safe and secure.

Control Privileges & Secure Password Management:

User control privileges provides you access control. The dynamic user management prevents access to other user data. Also Secure password management system means you have complete account protection ‎system.‎

Affordable Pricing:

In addition to all tis we have most affordable price with wide range of services.

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