School Software in Pakistan. Why choose ZamaSchool?

The education industry is surround by various school software in Pakistan. Compared to others we solves the fundamental problems in the education system‎.

By the way, listed below are some key reasons why Zama school software in Pakistan‎ is best option.

Mobile First Solution:

In first place, one single app for students, parents, teachers and school administration.

Customization Ready:

In the first place, most of school software in Pakistan are pre developed. Afterward marketed to educational institutes. Firstly, we develop our application together with domain experts and premium schools. ‎

Also, we customize solution according to the client need. We have market tested awesome features. So everything you need to run your school.‎


Here our ZamaCare value added benfits are;‎

  • 24/7 technical support.‎
  • Customer Care service.‎
  • Off hours system upgrade.‎
  • Regulatory updates.‎
  • Online training webinars.‎
  • Tutorial videos.‎
  • Classroom style instruction training.‎
  • Manual Book.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Onboarding and Implementation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

Use It Anywhere:

Our system is complete cloud based so you can work from home or anywhere. Subsequently you can runs it on Mac, PC, tablet and on mobile phone. Thus no software installation required. So then login into your account from any browser and start working. Similarly every new feature are add automatically. It’s that simple to run.

Easy To Navigate: ‎

In first place, we have special focus on the user interface. As a result we have design it to be easy to use. Thus if you have basic computer knowledge, you can use the software interface. Thereby design helps you clicking less and doing more.

No Messy Installation Required: ‎

There is no need for a server, technical staff or any hardware.‎ Also you don’t need swipe machines or bio-metric devices. So, No need to worry about device breakdown or ‎downtime.

Seamless Implementation and Onboarding:

To begin with, we will get ready your data in 5 min. Yes you read it right just 5 min !‎

Here our dedicated team will helps you in smooth onboarding process. Besides, the experience team will guide your staff through each step. Also, with each feature we have attached tutorial videos. Thus helps you to get the most out of your current resources.

Dedicated Project Manager:

Project manager is your direct point of contact. Above all, project manager helps with onboarding process. Besides, any issue you faced after sign up the project manager will guide you through the process. This helps you in smooth implementation and resolve issues timely.

Customer support:

Besides, the customer support team daily respond to telephone calls, live chat, and emails. Over there, the team provide technical support and basic training.

Technical Offering:

Likewise, the technical offering include daily data backup system. Also safeguard your school against any unplanned event. ‎Similarly, the team check your system 24/7 and provide infrastructure support arround the clock.

Monitoring Process:

In short, monitoring is the key of good execution and governance. ‎Generally the monitoring process involve collecting data on different KPIs. Particularly, the process is real-time so customers can remediate fast.‎

Evaluation Process:

Once the monitoring process collect data, over there evaluation process start. Which is the integral part our system. The process measure progress and highlight further improvement in the system.

Peace of Mind with Secure Data:

We have security and compliance experts in our team. Together with AWS cloud service your data is safe and secure. Also internally we maintain safeguard system to prevent unauthorized access to client data. We make it sure that client confidential information is password protected.

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