Advantages of School Management Software

Advantages of School Management Software

Let’s have a look at top advantages of school management software. Traditional education is witnessing the use of technology. Besides use of smartphones and tablets is now common. Due to this there is huge shift from manual to technology in education system.

There are different types of school management software available in the market. But no single one of them provide complete solution except ZamaSchool EDTech. Here in this blog we will explore the advantages of school management software‎.

Why we are saying we are the only one? Because it’s a complete solution for schools. It is mobile first platform for students, teachers, parents and school administration.

Our School Management Software is divide into 4 major products.

1. ZamaApp – School Mobile Application.

2. Zama Classroom – Online Classroom solution.

3. Campus Management – For Schools Academic management.

4. Smart Suite – For Schools Business side management.

Let’s get into Advantages of School Management Software:

Students/Parents school App:

Unique Features of Student App:

  • All Information at One Place.
  • Student Dashboard.
  • Attendance Report.
  • One tap Application submission.
  • School Fee Management from App.
  • Daily Class Timetable.
  • Exam Progress Evaluation.
  • In-App Student Diary.
  • Direct Message To Teachers And School.
  • Rate Your Teacher.
  • School Event Calendar.
  • Class Syllabus.

Best school App for Teachers:

Unique Features Of Teacher App:‎

  • Student-Teacher Collaboration.
  • Online Classroom For Teachers.
  • Teacher Dashboard.
  • In-App Student Attendance.
  • In-App Marking.
  • Class Curriculum Management.
  • Interactive Lesson Plan.
  • Assign Homework.
  • Practice Content For Students.
  • Bidirectional Messaging.
  • Class Timetable.
  • Online Student Assessment.
  • Teacher Portfolio.
  • Digital Sign-In & Sign-Out.
  • Reports.

Mobile application for School administrator:

Unique features of Zamaapp – Best School App For administrator

  • Personalize access to what you need in single tap.
  • Integrated with school software.
  • Single platform to connect and manage work.
  • Helps you manage departmental barriers.
  • Streamline day to day operations.
  • Campus management from app
  • Progress tracking of students, teachers and staff.
  • Simplifying communication within campus.
  • Added value features.
  • All information into single place.
  • Managing all the departments.
  • All departmental request are process from app.

Online Classroom:

  • For Students; now attend daily class syllabus with high quality engaging content online.
  • For Teachers; now design and upload your own content and share it with your students.

Online Attendance management system:

  • In-App Student Attendance
  • Informative Reporting
  • Student application through mobile phone
  • Attendance Insights in App
  • Digital Sign-In & Sign-Out
  • Attendance dashboard

School Fee Management System:

To begin with, Our School Fee management system simplifies tasks like;

  • Calculation of fees.
  • Accounting for additions. ‎
  • Deductions. ‎
  • Submission. ‎
  • Due notice. ‎
  • Payment register. ‎
  • Family account. ‎
  • Generate and issue receipts. ‎
  • Record maintenance and many more.‎
  • End to End fee payment cycle
  • Step by Step Fee Transaction view
  • Customize Fee process
  • Custom insight Reports

School Exam Management System:

A comprehensive School exam management system which covers all activities.

  • Student activity based grading exams
  • ‎3 clicks away From roll number slip to Award list.‎
  • Better Analytical view with 360 Degree Report
  • In App Test Maker
  • Automatic Grading system
  • Customization of features
  • Create roll number slips
  • Attendance list
  • Awards list
  • Exam results on App
  • DMCs

Academia Management System:

Deliver a transparent approach to classroom management, course management, and student management.

  • Curriculum Design
  • Timetable Management
  • Master Calendar
  • Smart Attendance
  • Digital Diary

Student Information System:

  • Online Enrollment feature
  • Student Profile
  • Digital Student Record
  • Student categorization
  • Student Promotion
  • ID card Maker

Student Hostel Management:

Its helps you manage every aspect of school operation. Likewise provide accuracy, efficiency and secured data.

Unique Features of Student Hostel Management;

  • On Campus/Off Campus Hostels.
  • Student Record Management.
  • Room Manager.
  • Hostel Fee Management.
  • Expenses and Fund Manager.
  • Reports Generator.

Employee Management through Mobile App:

Above all we design our app to provide employee management through Mobile App ‎. Thus, manage all your staff activities in one place.

  • Employee information.
  • Dashboard.
  • My Transaction.
  • Digital Sign-In & Sign-Out.
  • Attendance Insights.
  • Leave application.
  • Bidirectional messaging.
  • Events Calendar.
  • Campus Life.

School Online Accounting System:

  • Human Resources Module.
  • Banking Management Solution.
  • Budgeting Feature.
  • Expense Management System.
  • Purchasing Module.
  • Inventory Management System.
  • Finance Management.

Thereby, with the help of these modules, all activities is done in one place. Beside all departmental request are process easily. Also, this speed up operations due to automatic processing.

Messaging System (SMS):

There is no need for branded API, send it from any of your service provider.

Certificate Generator:

A wide variety of fields are available that can be chose to be include on a certificate.

Compliance Reporting:

Pre-built reports or build your own and submit compliance reporting (Board & associations).

Customize Reporting:

Generate standard reports with the help of report generator.

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