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Best Educational App in Pakistan

Looking for best educational app in Pakistan we are here to help you with that.

In current education climate, education institutes need to come up with innovative solution. Similarly, which can cater the need of online education, campus mobile app and digital infrastructure.

Results from some of the studies conducted show that:

  • 96% of students prefer campus app to web portals.
  • 80% of school going children sleep with their smartphone switch on.
  • 92% of college students like to use mobile app in their study preparation.
  • 78% teachers believed campus mobile app is a valuable tool for their classroom.
  • 91% school administration believed through digital solution they can achieve their desire results. 

The above studies suggest that campus educational app is one of the most important element for institute success.

Currently, school and colleges have disconnected systems, so they cannot extract the information they need and they services they want to give. They need customized campus app to drive student success and operational efficiency. So, what solution is available in the market?

Welcome to ZamaApp – Your All-in-One Next Generation Mobile App platform

Above All a mobile application for your campus which can use by students, teachers, parents/guardians and school administration. In conclusion, a single platform where all your school and college stakeholders are in one place.

For Students:

Similarly it gives personalized access to what they need instantly, helping to increase student engagement.

For Families:

Likewise it provide personalized, relevant, and timely communications to improve Parental involvement.

For Educators:

Especially empowering teachers with innovative tools, data and insight that helps them to go from reactive to proactive.

For Administration:

As a result it offers a host of features, designed to enhance and deliver added value to institutions and stakeholders alike.

Since 2018, our platform has been reviewed by education, technology and industry experts and approved for use at more than 200 major intuitions. 

Moreover, all institutes can manage and customized all aspects of their campus app. In summary the online platform offers a host of user features, which enhance the user ‎experience and provide value to school and colleges.‎ which help increase student engagement by 2-5x with excellent user experience on mobile. ‎

Highlighted Features of educational app ZamaApp:

Online classroom:

Teach your own pre-determined curriculum in an advanced online with Quizzes, Assignments, Videos, Online Interactions, and much more.

In-App Student Attendance:

Teachers can mark attendance in less than 60 seconds using the In-App Attendance.

In-App Marking:

Save time managing grades, assignments, and data entry—for both standards based and traditional grading.

Assign Homework:

Homework can be assigned anytime and from anywhere, there is no need to spend class time compiling homework.

Bidirectional Messaging:

Teachers can broadcast important notice to all the parents at once with the push notification.

Class Timetable:

A beautiful, simple way to view your class schedule, featuring a calendar display and multi-week support.

Assessment Report:

Enable real-time access to all of the critical academic record of each student including grades, overall progress, and other useful attributes.

Teacher Dashboard:

Personalized dashboards give teachers immediate access to what they need within one or two clicks.‎

Teacher Portfolio:

Access to important services on-the-go like salary statements, leave management, ‎allowance ‎allocation, and advances.‎

Administrator feature:

Manage your daily tasks, track activities and communicate with staff, review daily work ‎sheets, ‎manage staff and much more.‎

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