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Best LMS tools for online classes in Pakistan

LMS tools and features for online classes in Pakistan

The best lms tools and feature for online classes in Pakistan is that which meet local market needs. Therefore, bringing continuous innovation in product development and service delivery.

Above all, Today, the world of education is changing. The Corona Pandemic brings the new normal “Work from home” “Learn from home”.  Therefore, all the business are shifting, school, colleges and universities need to find new ways to adjust.

As physical classroom activities are still, educators need to adopt online classroom solution for students. We did our research (so you don’t need to) and list down tools to successfully implement virtual classroom solution.

Choose the Best LMS tools for your institute.

In the meantime, There are plenty of platforms and lms tools available for online classes. As a result, What’s best for your institute is the one which meets the local market needs and have option of customization.

Best lms tools

Zama Classroom is one of the few LMS in Pakistan which design customizes solution. firstly, It helps educational institutes to tailored learning management system in their school, college and educational institute complexity.

Secondly, Zama Classroom is a teacher-led, Asynchronous Online Classroom Solution. As a result, It helps educational institutes to create, deliver and manage Pre-defined curriculum in advanced virtual learning environment through control over the scope and content of digital curriculum.

Lastly, It allows the educators to assess and track students’ progress, promote feedback culture and develop a communication mechanism between students and faculty.

So then, Teachers can plan and upload their own curriculum according to the requirements. Such as, Teachers set up a daily lesson plan in the form of video lectures, audio lessons, slideshow of images, class notes and flashcards etc.

To summarize, The students attend daily classes with high quality engaging content which is accessible by all. Besides, The Gamification feature in the application facilitates healthy and engaging competition among students

Just like physical classroom, for online classroom teacher need to be ready to prepare & deliver lectures.

With Zama Classroom, Every Teacher can design and upload its own curriculum just from their mobile phones. They can add subjects, chapters, and topics. These Micro credential topics help teachers to design curriculum according to the school syllabus plan.

Teacher need to design content in the way that is engaging and attentive.

Learning online is daunted task for young students as they have to sit before the screen for hours. With Zama Classroom, Using flipped classroom model, Teachers can design, micro topic credential with interactive format i-e video, audio, slideshow and flashcards.

Online Student assessment.

During physical classroom activities teachers can track students’ progress through different in-class assessment methods. Same is required in learning management system.

With Zama Classroom challenge feature, teachers can assess student progress through short-term progress checks by designing assessments in the form of MCQs, true/false, Fill in the blanks, Matching column, short questions and long questions etc.

Communication and Collaboration

With physical classroom teachers directly connected with their students. In the virtual classroom, there’s a need to communication platform where they can collaborate.

With ZamaClassroom, Students not only connect with their teachers, they can rate each lecture and teacher, Also leave feedback.

Availability of Learning Resources

Students need access to learning resources anytime for better understanding. With Zama Classroom Learning feature, students can access any subject content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Each subject is divided into chapters, topics and micro lessons coordinates. Each micro lesson learning content is in the form of video, text (Flashcards), audio or slide show so they are in control of their learning and can go at their own pace.

Training and Support Service

Teachers and students have no training regarding virtual or online learning. Which causes dissatisfaction.

Zama Classroom has complete tutorials available for implementation, on-boarding and specific to each feature functionality. Along with that online training session and on call support service is available any time.

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