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Best School App for Student in Pakistan

Are you looking for best school app for students in Pakistan? You are at right place to explore best school app for students in Pakistan.

Welcome To Zamaapp – Best School App For Students In Pakistan:

In short personalize best school app for students. As an example, there’s a lot going on at school and students have difficulty to remember everything. Now with ZamaApp, students can access to what they need instantly.

Besides they can easily monitor and track class activities. With the help of mobile access to classroom activities, students work more closely with their teachers and school. Thus, students get up to date picture of their progress.

Unique Features Of Student App:

All Information At One Place:

To begin with you don’t need to search website, diary and different things to get school updates. Now you will receive all important notices on your mobile phone now.

Student Dashboard:

Likewise from your mobile app get complete access to school activities. I-e class overview, assignments, attendance, exam status, and fees.

Attendance Report:

Similarly, easy view for number of leaves, short leaves, absentees and monthly history. Here get notification on application approval for leave. Also get notification when absent from the class. This help you in punctuality.

One tap Application submission:

Furthermore send school leave application from your mobile app. Also, get instant application response on it.

School Fee Management From App:

This feature helps you in managing fee transaction with school. Besides each payment detail is present in receipt form. So then view step by step monthly receipts detail and pending amount.

Daily Class Timetable:

Now you can see your class timetable on the go. Generally this help you organize your school bag. Likewise you can view the current timetable and upcoming classes. Also, class timetable is update with holidays.

Exam Progress Evaluation:

For instance, get reports of your class assignments, monthly test and exams on your mobile app. Similarly each report is further divided into small segments to provide complete picture.

In-App Student Diary:

To begin with, No more paper diaries. Open the app, click on diary and find all your homework at one place.

Direct Message To Teachers And School:

By the way simple communication tool between schools and parents. Firstly, this feature puts Parents, students and teachers on the same team. Secondly, get teacher feedback about your progress in the app. Thirdly, teachers can reply to your query in the app. This helps filling the gap between students and teachers outside classroom.

Rate Your Teacher:

Also you can now rate your teacher performance and view your teacher complete rating. Here the rating are subject wise and full rating.

School Event Calendar:

Furthermore know about all the school yearly events in advance. Thus, helps you to get prepared in advance. Either its sport day, summer camp or monthly test. Thus, you will get reminder before every event through push notification.

Class Syllabus:

Get detail of subject you’re enroll, helps you get access to academic information. Besides, this helps you to understand syllabus structure, passing marks, and other details.

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