Google classroom vs zama class room

Google Classroom vs Zama Classroom comparison

This blog is a detailed comparison between Google Classroom vs Zama Classroom. Especially we compare features, functionality, and design of each platform.

Zama Classroom is an award winning Learning Management System for schools and colleges.

While, Google Classroom is develop by Google. Here with Google classroom school teachers create, share and grade assignments. Also provide service to non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google account.

Let’s compare each feature of Google Classroom vs Zama Classroom. ‎now

App Login and Sign up:

Our system create unique login ‎credentials for each student of the ‎school.

While on Google classroom you need to register with Google Apps for education. Being a teacher the standard Google ID will not work.


Similarly we have simple design that lets ‎teachers to create ‎their own curriculum. ‎Teachers can record audio, upload pictures and create notes.

While on Google Classroom teachers can only create assignments.

Syllabus Design:

Compared to Google Classroom, here teachers can add subjects, chapters, and topics. Each ‎topic is design to cover a ‎specific area of subject.

While on Google Classroom teachers do not have such feature.

Topic Quizzes:

Teachers can create different types of quizzes for each topic. These quizzes are auto-graded thus saving teacher time.

Google classroom does not have such feature.

Paper & Test ‎Generator:

Teachers can use pre- defined ‎curriculum to create Papers, ‎assignment. Also can mark them from ‎a single touch.‎

Google classroom does not have such feature.‎


We add different features ‎according to your needs.‎ While Google Classroom provide standard app for everyone.

Parent Engagement:

We have dedicated login for ‎Parents on the App. Thus helps them to view their ‎child’s progress.‎ Also they can communicate with teachers and ‎school.‎

While Google Classroom doesn’t offer account for parents. they only receive email summery of their children’s work.

All in one Platform:

Similarly we provide one single app for Students, ‎Teachers, Parents, and school Administration.

Google classroom does not have such feature.‎

Implementation & ‎Support service:

Further more, we have dedicated team for your help.‎ we help you in implementation. The support service is online, visits and phone contact.

While on Google Classroom you can get help from help center topics.


Google Classroom can only be integrate with Google ‎Products.

User Interface:

In summary, our design is according to local market ‎understanding. Everything is available ‎on home page for easy ‎understanding.

While on Google Classroom ‎ follows general UX best practices.

Insights into student ‎performance:

Through the teacher dashboard feature you can check the whole class performance. ‎

While on Google Classroom ‎doesn’t have this feature.

Learning Management System:

Zama Classroom is complete LMS solution.‎ Google Classroom is NOT an LMS, ‎although some schools using it as LMS.

Practice Feature:

Content available for any grade, any subject, and any time. Students need access to learning ‎resources anytime for better understanding. ‎

Reports Generator:

Similarly, in Zama Classroom you can generate different reports like;

  • Class attendance report.
  • Class assessment report.
  • Student subject wise progress report.
  • Class wise progress report.
  • Teacher progress report.
  • Class feedback report.
  • LMS report.
  • Content uploaded report.
  • Monthly student report.
  • Monthly teacher report.
  • Similarly, any other customize report.

Google classroom does not have such feature.‎

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