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Best School Administration Software in Pakistan

Are you looking for best school administration software? Let’s look into it.

Schools manage daily administrative activities manually. Thus the tiresome task waste time and resources. Similarly like other businesses school operations are conduct the same way. Hence they manage day to day activities and resources.

In this case school administration software is an integral part of institute success. For instance, school administration software can automate the daily tasks. Also generate reports of every department and activity.

Thus helping school administrator to manage everything at one place. As a result, it helps them to spend money in effective way. Above all, unlike other businesses, school have some focus areas in administration software‎.

In this case, our School administration software ‎has complete features.


Thereby, with the help of these modules, all activities are done in one place. Beside all departmental request are process easily. Also, this speed up operations due to automatic processing.

Together with dashboards give users immediate access to what they need.

Banking Management:

A seamless banking management solution. For instant ‎add different bank accounts so you can manage it from one place. Now you can track every bank transaction. Besides to, record each transaction through bank account with complete description.

Employee Management:

To begin with it is design to provide administration an effective HR tools. Thus managing employee is no longer a hassle.‎ ‎Thereby the transaction feature help you with salary related activities. Here it include feature like salary statements, pay slips, leave and allowances management.

Expense and Budgeting Module:

Besides, school expense budgeting is one of the important task. Hence need to be effectively manage. Thus we will you to record every expense at school. As an example, different categories are available to record expenses. Beyond that you can compare budgeted figures with actual. Thus helps you visibility into spending and monitoring budget.‎

In brief create budget for monthly, quarterly or annually.

Inventory Management:

Likewise schools have different types of stock. For instance, school receive different stock demands from staff. Which need to be track and manage.

Especially, our inventory manger is one stop solution. So then you can manage inventory in categories and sub categories. Also warehouse and stock management. To summarize, better understand your business and its inventory with beautiful reports.

Finance Management:

In the meantime, schools need an effective finance management strategy. Including control over all financial activities.

Over there with our finance manager, get control over all your financials. Every information is available to help you analyze our financials. Such as record financial activity anywhere on your campus. ‎

You can record revenue, expenses, income, ‎funds, profit and loss on single page.‎

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