School ERP Software. Must-have Features.

Before the implementation of School ERP Software, you should be understand what sort of system you need. Here is the list of feature you should look far.

In first place, School ERP Software have many tools and features for effective management. For instance, you need a single system which connects all the activities of school. By the way, our school ERP software is design to provide complete solution.

Here we will highlight the main features of our School ERP Software. To begin with, our ERP Solution is combination of 5 Parts:

  1. ZamaApp – Mobile-first Platform for Students, Parents, Teachers & Educators
  2. Zama Classroom – Teacher-led asynchronous online classroom solution.
  3. Campus Management – Digitalizing academic activities.
  4. Smart Suite – Smart Suite for Administrative activities.
  5. Zama Notify – Free School SMS without branded API.

Now let’s discuss key feature of each part of our ERP software

Key Features in School Mobile Application:

  • Separate login for student, parent, and school.
  • Furthermore, all academic-related information in one single place.
  • Next, the Home screen dashboard for students, teachers, and school.
  • Afterward, a Mobile app attendance system for both students and teachers.
  • Also, school fee slip, discount, deduction, and other transaction modules.
  • The daily class timetables for students and teachers.
  • In brief exam results, DMCs, progress report of students.
  • Above all In-App student digital diary.
  • Moreover, simple communication tools between school, parents, and teachers.
  • Students can rate their teacher and teachers can view all ratings.
  • Furthermore, school calendars for both students and teachers.
  • Class syllabus for students and teachers.
  • School, teacher, and parent suggestion feature.
  • In-App paper marking for teachers.
  • In brief student assessment report for teachers.
  • Beyond all this, Teachers and staff services on-the-go like salary, leave, allowance, etc.
  • In conclusion, a single platform to connect and manage work for school.

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