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School management software in Pakistan

School Management Software is now an integral part of school operations.

Because schools across the country generate data. i-e Students and guardians’ data, teachers and faculty data, school and administration data. All this data is most of the time unorganized and cannot be translate into actionable information.

School Management Software should not provide the data entry information but to turn that data into useful information for everyone at school.

We saw firsthand how educators are stuck using manual ways of engaging. Which ‎eats up productive hours of the day and impacts institute performance thus they ‎fall behind other institutes.‎

Our founding team brought together educators, technologists, and data specialists to build innovative ‎education technology solutions, “ZamaSchool EDTech”.

ZamaSchool EDTech revolutionary products i-e Campus Management, Smart Suite, Zama App, and Zama Classroom are school management software solution. It has everything you need to manage your educational institute.

We connect students, parents/guardians, teachers, faculty, educators, owner, school administration, and other stakeholders in one platform. We provide AWS cloud-based school management software to schools, colleges, and universities across Pakistan.

The School software is simple, dynamic & affordable and includes more 20+ modules. It ‎includes modules from the administration, academics, admission, students, attendance, fee, exam, ‎employees, and accounts to assets management.

So, why should you choose ZamaSchool EDTech for your school management? ‎The main reason our school software is so popular is we make changes to our software according to the school needs and also provide support service.

No messy installation or any hardware to buy

Our school management software is power by AWS cloud services. So all the technical and maintenance activities are cover by us so you have peace of mind. Also, no extra hardware required. Sign up for your account and avail the services.

User Friendly and Easy to Use Interface

Our school management software is design to be user friendly, very easy to use by anyone. If you have basic computer knowledge, you can use the software interface.

Feedback Driven and Customization Support

Our school management software is develop with the help of education, IT, and domain experts. So, it has everything schools and colleges administration need to run and manage the educational institution. ‎

All-in-one Platform

What our offering unique is our Interactive Digital and Mobile-first Solution for different pain ‎problems of educators and parents. ‎

Our school ERP software is the most advance and user friendly system available in the market. ‎Let us mention some of the other reason why we are the best;‎

  • Free DEMO
  • First Two Months without Charges
  • Affordable ‎Pricing
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Customization Ready‎
  • Dynamics Roles
  • Control Privileges ‎
  • Evaluation Method Support
  • Many ‎User Interfaces ‎
  • Secure Password Management ‎
  • Cutting Edge User Experience
  • Analyze Student ‎Performance
  • Accessible ‎Everywhere
  • User Document Storage
  • Printer Friendly
  • And Many More

This is a time to act upon going digital. We offered the most affordable school management software.

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