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School Management App ‎|‎How school owner, director or principal will use the App:

In this school management app tutorial blog we will discuss how school owner, director or principal ‎login will work. Such as, how school owner, director or principal ‎‎will download the app from Play store and App store.‎

Let’s get into the details.

ZamaApp – School Management App

First, if you are android user, go to Play store and search ZamaApp. Afterword from there download the app, once the app download completed. Then tap to open it.

Now, if you are an iphone user kindly go to Appstore and search ZamaApp. Afterword from there download the app, once the app download completed. Then tap to open it.‎

Login Screen in School Management App:

To begin with, once you open the app, the app will show tutorial screen, you can skip this step. So then, this will not be show next time.

Similarly, on login screen you will have three login options:

Students/Parents login.

Teacher Login.

Admin Login.

Likewise, the School administration will provide your username and Password. In addition to, you can update your password with app setting.

Over there, you will enter ZamaApp ID and password, you will have the option to save this by tapping on remember me. Thereby, this will helps you not to enter login credentials every single time.

Home Screen in School Management App:

Likewise, once you login into the app, you will have home screen, which include all the app features in a single screen.

Similarly, on the top left corner of the app will have your profile picture and full name. Thus, once you tap on your profile the new screen will be open. Here you can view your profile, school, campus and roles information.

Furthermore, on the top right corner of the app you have notification icon. Such as , the bill icon shows all the app notification. Generally, you can tap on bill icon and all the notification and messages will be show in full page view.

So then, on home screen the first option is “Select Campus”. Particularly, if you have more than one campus of your school or college then don’t worry. Here, you can manage all from one place. Just tap on campus and select the campus and all the information will be available related to that campus.

Admin Activity Dashboard in School Management App:

Similarly, below the selection of campus is the Admin activity dashboard, the dashboard includes:

Daily Attendance.

Fee Collections.

Exam Reports.

Expense Report.

Daily Attendance at dashboard activities:

Subsequently, once you tap on the daily attendance, a new screen will open. Here teacher and students’ attendance are show separately. For instance, Let say you tap on student, the new screen will open with detail check information.

First, you will select the session. Next, below the session you have student attendance dashboard. Which shows today’s students present, absent and leave percentage.

Similarly, below the student attendance dashboard is total student counts. Here you can see how many students are on this campus. In this case, you can view a list of students present, absent, and leave today by tapping on each segment.

The teacher attendance view is same like student attendance. In this case, once you tap teacher daily attendance, same screen like student attendance will open.

First, you will select the session. Next, below the session you have teacher attendance dashboard. Which ‎shows today’s teachers present, absent and leave percentage. ‎

Similarly, below the teacher attendance dashboard is total teacher counts. Here you can see how many teachers are on this campus. Besides to, you can view a list of teachers present, absent, and leave today by tapping on ‎each segment.

Fee Collections in dashboard activities:

In summary, once you tap on fee collection from the dashboard, the detail view screen will open. Here you will have the total fee applied for the month, collection, fee adjusted and remaining tab.

Subsequently, from total fee applied for the month tab you can view the total fee applied for this month. For instance, that is how much the fee should be collect in this month.

Furthermore, in collection module you have two features. Firstly, is collected fee this month and the secondly is today collected the fee.

Now, if you tap on collected fee this month. Here, you can view a list of students who pay fees from the start of the month till this date. Also, if you tap on today collected fee. Here, you can view a list of students who pay fees on today’s date.

Besides, the remaining tab shows current students remaining fee, withdraw students remaining fee, and overall remaining fee.

Exam Reports on dashboard activities:

Here in exam reports in dashboard activities you can view detailed reports of daily school tests. Also, you can view top 3 and top 10 students’ positions in school test/exam. Similarly, it includes, top 3 positions, overall grading quality, overall class results, fail students and UFMs. Besides, all these reports are detail and comprehensive, tap on any on it and view detail reports.

Expense Reports on dashboard activities:

In this case, in expense reports you can view today or monthly expense reports. Once you tap on today expenses, List of expenses will be show. The detail include category, amount, date and complete description. Same as today expense you can view monthly expense reports.

Below you have attendance by card, here you can mark your attendance by QR code scans. Also in Zama Classroom module, you can view all reports on learning management system.

Now you have student info, teacher info, new admission, total student counts, and other activities features. Let’s discuss these features on by one.

Student Info:

Once you tap on student info. Over there, you will view total students, male, female, withdrawal students, leave application requests. Also, parent suggestions, and student diary reports.

For example, once you tap on total students feature, student information will be show in the list view. Now you can apply filters for precise search. Similarly, filters are by class, section, gender, admission type, and student category.

In addition to all these, if you tap on the application, list of all student leaves application will be show in the pending status. Now, you ‎can tap on each of the application and can reject or approve it with reply. ‎

Furthermore, if you tap on suggestion module, all parents and students’ suggestions will be show in the list. Now, you can ‎reply to each one and the status will change from pending to resolve.‎

Teacher Info:

In the first place, when you tap on teacher info, which is same like student info feature. Here you can view total employee, Male, Female, and withdrawal employee.

Later, once you tap on total employees, then list of employees will be show. Now, you have also an option to select a type i-e teacher, staff or others.

New admissions:

Furthermore, with new admission feature you can view the new school admissions. Over there, you need to select to and from date and then tap on the show report button. Thereby, this will show all the new admissions between these two dates. In brief, the detail includes name, father’s name, class, section and admission number.

Total student counts:

Above all, in total student count feature, you can view how many students are in the school. I-e in each class and section. In this case, the list shows the report view of class, section total number of students, female and male students.

Other Activities:

Lastly, the other activity feature shows school events and other related information.

Thank you for using ZamaApp – A School Management App.

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