Online Accounting System

School Online Accounting System in Pakistan

School online accounting system is integral part of institute success. For instance, schools need online accounting system to manage financial activities. Because finance management is one of the fundamental part of school and colleges. As a result, it helps them to spend money in effective way.

Above all, unlike other businesses, school and colleges have some focus areas in school accounting system.

In this case, ZamaSchool EDTech School online Accounting System has complete features.


Thereby, with the help of these modules, all activities are done in one place. Beside all departmental request are process easily. Also, this speed up operations due to automatic processing.

Together with personalized dashboards give users immediate access to what they need within one or two clicks.

Banking Management:

For instant find details of each bank account. Now simply track transactions in your bank accounts. Besides to, record each transaction through bank account with complete description.

Expense and Budgeting Module:

Similarly Expense manager, helps you entering a daily expense category wise. Particularly access a single page that displays category wise expense report information. In brief create budget for monthly, quarterly or annually. This helps you visibility into spending and monitoring budget.

Inventory Management:

To summarize, better understand your business and its inventory with beautiful reports that are easy to generate.

Finance Management:

Furthermore get control over all your institute financial activity. Such as record financial activity anywhere on your campus. ‎Afterward finance manager lets you analyze your financial information to reduce costs.

For the most part all information are accessible. Revenue, expenses, income, ‎funds allocation, profit and loss on single page.‎

Human Resource Management:

Next in HR module, each employee data are save automatic. Thus reducing errors and saving time during data entry. Here automatic management of attendance for the employees, leave request, and other tasks.

Lastly, our Geo Mark feature, helps employees to record attendance on single touch.

Likewise record attendance, leave, allowance, deductions, advances, pay slips easily.


Finally all sort of reports based on the user need can be create easily. Which helps you to track the performance of your school. Generally reports helps you to make smarter decision based on data.


By the way all the communication between staff are through internal private messages. This help staff to make decision quickly and communicate effectively.

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