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Smart School System: Easy steps to transfer your school (PART III Final)

Continuing with part 2nd of this series, smart school system implementation steps.

Here in this last part of the series. We will explain important points for school administration. As how can they equip students, teachers and staff with smart technology? Which in result will help building smart school and college.

As over the past few years there has been increase in competition schools and colleges. Thereby school and college administration trying to offer new services. Through those services they differentiate their school brand.

On the other side parents also searching for smart school system for their children. As a result, school administrators are searching for new ways to differentiate themselves. With the right platform, you can align your staff, and processes with your ‎unique mission and goals. Moreover, today’s school administration should be technology driven. So that they can perform and operate digitally. Just like in part 1 and part 2 we explain smart school system for students and teachers. Here, we will explain smart school system for school administration. How can it benefit school and how to put in place? Thus you can attract and keep the best students.

Here we will explore benefits of how with ZamaApp you can achieve smart school system:

ZamaApp – Your Digital transformation Partner:

In the first place, a mobile application for your educational excellence. With a single mobile app you can manage students, teachers, parents, staff and school. Furthermore, the app is design to align with your priorities thus helping you in success. Just with a mobile app you can transfer to smart school system.

Virtual Campus Solution:

Generally, smart school mean learning in digital form. So now you can start introduce virtual campus, where online classes can be conduct. ‎

Personalization of learning to individual needs:

As the smart school system is focus on individual student learning needs. Thus the App provides personalize learning experience to each student. Moreover, students have learning materials available in the app.‎

Parental involvement in child education:

Similarly Parent & School Communication is one of the most important aspect of smart school system. That’s why, ZamaApp provides direct chat and feedback between school and parents.

A teaching environment that is interactive:

Now teachers can prepare their daily lesson on the app. Which will include pictures, slideshow, flash notes and videos. After that, teacher can then present it in class in most effective way. Also teachers can conduct online classes from the app.

Performance Appraisal Dashboard:

Now with ZamaApp, you don’t need paper record. Everything is automatically record in mobile app. So you can focus on individual student and teacher, as you have complete progress tracking of each. ‎

The ZAMA platform offers a host of features: ‎

  • Institutions can manage and customize all aspects of their App.‎
  • The App provides advanced reports and analytics. ‎
  • A single app for you to manage your team and tasks.
  • Standardize and speed up operations‎.
  • Better control over the operational expenses.
  • You can manage different campuses from a single app.
  • Paper is replace with digital solution.
  • All important information in a single place.
  • Manage traditional and flexible academic programs.
  • You can engage students in different interactive activities.
  • You can add digitize and automate routine tasks.

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