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Smart School System: Easy steps to transfer your school (PART I)

Do you wonder what’s actually is “Smart School System”? If so let’s get to know in detail.

In summery smart school system as the name suggest is school system which provide education in advance manner. With the help of technology they provide learning experience in better way.

As the world has change in so many ways, so as the way of teaching. Subsequently the old method of education can not apply on this new generation. So school and colleges need to adopt the new trend in education; Education Technology.

Now you must be thinking, what is education technology? Actually by combining technology to facilitate learning is called education technology.

In conclusion, the develop countries has adopted Edtech model in their education. As always we are late to understand and implement it in our education. 

Now how can you adopt Edtech in your school and college? And how to implement it to transfer your school into smart school system. This is 3 part series where we will explore easy steps to transfer your school into Smart school system.‎

Step 1:


  • Today’s student is technology driven. Hence they want to access school services through their mobile phone. So the first step is to bring most of school activities into mobile phone.
  • Also the app should give personalize experience to each student. So that he/she can monitor and track class performance. Thus, students get up to date picture of their progress.
  • Similarly the need one single place to where they can find school notices, events detail and everything else. So ZamaApp dashboard provide such facility to students.
  • Now with ZamaApp your students can submit leave application from their mobile phone. Also, get complete detail of attendance report.
  • Similarly the fee feature in app give your students glimpse of fee transaction. Also they can pay school fee from single tap.
  • Besides school timetable feature provide detail of class and syllabus topic. Thus helps students to organize the school bag accordingly.
  • By the way your students complete academic progress is available to them on app. Hence the can view each test result and view teacher comments on it.
  • In short student need digital diary where they can find homework. Particularly In-app student diary can help you with this. Now the can have daily homework, assignments and notices from app notification.
  • Direct communication between students and schools is the key to smart school system. Because it bring teacher, school and student into one platform. With ZamaApp student can direct contact school and teacher.
  • Along with communication channel school need feedback system. The paper feedback system is now absolute. With ZamaApp your students can rate their teacher performance.
  • Furthermore your students need to know about all the school yearly events. Either its sport day, summer camp or monthly test. Thus, your students will get reminder before every event.

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