Online Admission System

Online Admission System ( Student Enrollment )

In summary, to attract and enroll new students you need online admission system.

As a rule, the first impression of students and parents is the admission process. Besides, the quality of admission process matters when you wants to attract new students. Compared to manually managing the admission process is complicate for schools and colleges.

Conversely, this complication can be manage by automating the whole process. So that the admission and selection process become simple and paperless.

You have online admission system‎ problem and we have the perfect solution. Now you can automate your whole enrollment and student management. For instance, a single system which cover admission to alumni process. Usually, this tells the significance of our online admission system‎.

Likewise, the system helps let you manage new student and old student data at a single place. Thereby, the availability to this data at one place helps management related decision.

The definitive guide of online admission system:

In particular our online admission system is design for administrators and management. Let’s explain the process step by step.

  1. Pre-admission
  2. Admission
  3. Post Admission


Usually before the admission date announce and school open its online portal. School got admission related ‎enquires throughout the year. Over there, in enquiry module this data is store and manage.

Similarly, students and parents can enquire about anything. Especially, the enquiry form can be ‎customize according to your need. Also, the management can create different reports ‎based on various parameters.


Finally, the admission process start with online admission application form. By the way with the customization save staff and parent time. Hence helps family engagement from the very beginning.‎

Above all, the registration and submission process is simplify. Thus helping students and parents to process data easily.

Lastly, this registration form data is migrate to student information system. Here the management can process the selection process.

Post Admission:

Afterward the selection process is complete. The administration then start working on student profiles. Student Profile includes;

  • Personal bio date.
  • Health history.
  • Family detail.
  • Previous academic record.
  • Hobbies.
  • Inspiration.
  • Family income status.
  • Family status.
  • Any Accomplishment.
  • Future Plan.

In this case, these information helps in academic planning for the students. The digital data is available to students, parents, teachers and administration. Thus offers the convenience of mobility.

After that, admin can easily organize student categories according to pre-defined characteristics. Also after this the system generate Student ID cards.

The process of promotion and transfers is also completely paperless. No more lost student records or misplaced files.

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