Student Information System12

Student Information System in school software

Student Information System is designed for administrators and management, SIS is Intuitive, salable, and secure system to smartly manage student data.

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Student Information System Enrollment feature is fully integrated online registration process to save staff and parent time, and improve family engagement from the very beginning.

Student Information System

Student Profile

Student Profile includes Personal, Health, Family, Social, Hobbies, Inspiration, Income status, Family status, Accomplishments, Future plan and many more.

Student Information System

Digital Student Record

Offering the convenience of mobility to faculty, staff, students and parents who need to access important information on the go.

Student Information System

Student categorization

Quickly and easily organize student categories according to pre-defined characteristics.

Student Information System

Student Promotion

Streamlines the process of promotion and transfers with accuracy. The entire process is digital, with no printing and no moving paper.

ID card Maker

The most secure and authentic way to create a student ID card with customized features.

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